Modern and stylish apartment design by 2Bgroup

stylish modern apartment design

When family and friendly meetings are a very important part of your life, this must have an impact on the interior of your home or apartment. This design apartment by 2Bgroup incorporates the modern and comfortable style of its owner and its desire to be the hostess of diners and multiple pajamas evenings.

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To create a contemporary space and impressive style designers have invested a lot of effort and creativity.

Minimalist and modern apartment design

open space apartment design

The apartment design is a style minimalist in terms of doors and windows - designers have been counting on columns, elevations and curtains to separate different spaces. With a mix of wood and concrete, the design is reminiscent of the warm industrial style. Solid wood floors and carpets are easy to clean and provide a soft place to rest on the floor. Here are the photos of this architectural wonder:

Living room with industrial style fireplace

design apartment living room fireplace

Open space apartment

Idea deco industrial fair

Modern decor dining room

design apartment dining room

Dining room decorated in concrete and wood

dining room wood beton

Reading corner design

modern design reading corner

Practical wooden design shelf

deco shelf dining room

Artistic wall decoration

artistic wall deco

Modern kitchen with central island

design kitchen decoration

Bedroom decoration

modern elegant bedroom

Elegant bedroom decoration

bedroom bed elegant

Spacious bedroom with dressing room

deco elegant bedroom

modern bedroom deco

idee deco library room

wooden design dressing room

bathroom deco idea

contemporary bathroom design

contemporary bath room deco

ultra modern bathroom design

ultra modern bathroom

elegant apartment plan

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