Modern barbecue and outdoor cooking ideas for summer

modern barbecue set up a terrace kitchen area

Set up your outdoor kitchen a dream with our 15 modern barbecue ideas and accessories to enjoy healthy and juicy outdoor meals! Grilling and barbecue are synonymous with a convivial and balanced summer meal.

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Vegetables, fish and meat, everything can be prepared with a grill, a plancha or a barbecue.

Outdoor kitchen layout with modern barbecue for the summer

barbecue modern outdoor furniture kitchen area

All these ingredients will be much more delicious cooked in an outdoor kitchen and consumed on a beautiful terrace, accompanied by a fresh salad. So when the beautiful days of spring are upon us, we begin to think about the best way to develop a summer kitchen with a outdoor barbecue .

Modern barbecue and furniture for outdoor meal preparation area

barbecue modern kitchen garden DIY

To create such a space in a corner of his garden, no need to buy expensive furniture or even an equipped kitchen. We can very well design his own outdoor kitchen plan and realize it by means of some furniture that we already have at home or that can be easily tinkered oneself.

How to build a fixed stone barbecue in your garden

idea barbecue modern stone space meal garden

The modern outdoor barbecue can take a variety of forms that adapt to our lifestyles. If you have a large terrace with a suitable garden shed, the fixed stone or brick barbecue can be the best solution. This kind of outdoor space will be even more practical and more pleasant to use when it is equipped with a sink and, why not, an outdoor oven.

Complement your outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven or traditional bread oven

furnace arrangement outside barbecue garden

Wood ovens open up even more possibilities for lovers of the culinary art: those-if will finally be able to experiment with recipes of homemade pizzas and traditional breads!

Design the plan of his summer kitchen with a separate dining area

barbecue modern terrace outdoor kitchen

And equip your kitchen with all the necessary equipment

barbecue modern garden grill outdoor

If, on the other hand, you need to move your grill during part of the year, you can buy (or build) a movable outdoor kitchen furniture. The services, bars and barbecues on wheels will be by far the best solution in this case.

Make a modern barbeque furniture for a summer kitchen

furniture wood barbecue modern kitchen garden

Bet on a wheeled service for small spaces

dining area terrace kitchen barbecue outside

This type of furniture is also practical for gardens that do not have permanent shelters, because they can be stored quickly if it rains.

Do not forget to decorate her outdoor kitchen with plant pots

summer kitchen barbecue grill outdoor plancha

DIY idea of ​​small modern barbecue in rim

barbeque grill outdoor summer modern kitchens

Here is good news for those who love DIY: a modern barbecue, it can also become the subject of a DIY project! This is how you can recycle almost anything you have on hand, like, for example, an old rim!

Modern barbeque cabinet with sink and storage space

barbecue fixed wood garden outdoor kitchen summer

Idea for summer kitchen corner layout on a sunny terrace

landscaping terrace outside summer kitchen

In short, the possibilities for designing an outdoor kitchen area with a modern barbecue are not necessarily expensive and difficult to achieve. So, take inspiration from our collection of suggestions and revamp your exterior to install such a nice space!

Living outdoors and preparing healthy meals in comfort

barbecue area outdoor garden kitchen meals

Enjoy the terrace for a modern barbecue with stone bar

barbecue modern terrace grill garden

* DIY modern barbecue idea by Clean And Scentsible

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