Modern bed: 25 examples of floating beds

adult rooms modern beds

Are you looking for a modern bed model to create your bedroom? We present you an original solution: the floating bed! Floating beds are a modern interpretation of the basic design of traditional beds.

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They impress those who enter the bedroom they decorate and can help you refresh the interior of your own room with their original design that defies gravity.

Idea for bedroom layout with modern bed

amenagement room modern bed suspended

The fabircation of this type of bed is inspired by that of the platform bed. The floating bed is sometimes equipped with light elements that reinforce the impression that the bed floats in the air. This effect is achieved thanks to the structure of the platform bed. In fact, while most traditional beds are made using a box spring and a mattress, the floating bed is built with a stronger frame that makes the presence of the box spring virtually useless.

Bedroom decoration in black and white and modern bed

bed room modern design objects

This modern bed also benefits from advancements in the field of LED lighting. Most often, it is precisely LED lights that are used to create the light part above the bed. This is how the technological advancements contributed to the creation of the curious visual effect produced by these modern beds.

Modern floating bed by Lago

floating beds by Lago for adults

This bed effect that floats in the air is obtained in different ways. Thus, for example, some floating bed platforms are attached to the wall behind the bed and it is supported only by this type of mechanism. Others may have additional support that remains invisible once the bed is installed.

Modern and bright bed model

master suite modern bed

These modern beds are a perfect complement for decorating a adult room or a parental suite of modern design. They exist in versions provided with headboards padded or made of wood or even of modern materials. To choose the model that suits you, see our selection of images below:

Floating bed for adults with headboard

original floating adult beds

Original floating bed for adults

adult headboard

Hanging bed and modern style decoration

deco modern style floating bed rooms

Modern bed with lighting

floating bed modern bedroom decoration

Modern bed in red

headboard red bed bedroom modern design

suspended modern interiors bed

minimalist bed room design

contemporary beds adult rooms

suspended bed modern decor

modern led bed bedroom decoration

interior design floating beds

master bedroom idea of ​​modern bed

photos master bedroom modern bed

zen room modern beds for adults

floating beds design suite

parent bedroom hanging beds

deco bed rooms modern bed

design rooms wooden beds

room arrangement adult beds

modern bed pictures bedroom deco

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