Modern Child Room: 2015 Trends

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Discover the latest trends of the year 2015 for the modern room child through this article and a selection of 55 images. Fashion in decoration no longer applies only to spaces reserved for adults.
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If your baby is growing up and you're looking for ideas for your new kid's room, you can take inspiration from our decorating tips. And for parents, children who are already older, wishing to relook their rooms, we have everything you need, in photos!

Looks modern child bedroom 2015

modern room child bed loft

The child's bedroom is not an easy room to decorate and parents realize very quickly all the details that must be considered during its installation. The colors, the layout of spaces and storage as well as, of course, the preferences of your child! All these decorative elements make the task of parents difficult and they sometimes forget to take pleasure in the child's decoration. Fortunately, modern creators have thought of us and found ideas original bedroom decor and pretty.

Modern bedroom and bright colors

children's room modern colors

The bright color child's bedroom is one of the trends at the moment, with furniture in blue, yellow, green, red and pink ... In short, you can choose among all the colors, because the common ideas associating the blue and the pink to the little boys and little girls are no longer relevant. If you are tempted by the modern decorative option in bright colors, know that the furniture that correspond to it are those of simple and contemporary lines. Above a decoration of this type creation of Berloni , the kitchen decorating specialists.

Design accessories for modern bedroom

decoration boy rooms

In 2015, the design of the children's room is completed by toys that can be part of the decor of the room. If you are not limited by space, opt for decorative objects toys, such as cushions, the poufs and why not, for a room swing or a boat!

Classic and elegant decorative objects

idea rooms boy deco

This year is also marked by the vintage theme which is translated, in terms of children's room decoration, by the return of classic and elegant decorative objects. Small cars and doll houses are part of it. So have fun giving your child, it will also make you think of your childhood.

Child room small space

girl idea bed decoration

Inescapable these last years, the room child design small space is present in the catalogs of the great creators. There is a good reason: the modern decor adapts to the necessities of our daily lives. The multi-level children's rooms are still topical and everything is done to allow the children to feel comfortable.

Children's bedroom decor

berloni colors bedroom girl boy

If you are a Frenchman with a large family, you have probably felt the need to create a space where two children can coexist in a calm and productive atmosphere. To succeed, nothing better than the mezzanine bed accompanied by the favorite accessories of each child.

Children's room decoration inspired by nature

wood furniture children

It is since a few years that one notices the return of the children's gifts in wood which recall memories of our childhood. This trend is also present on the side of children's furniture: bed, wardrobes and desks in natural wood are more and more used in the decoration of children's rooms.

Wall decoration

idea girl furniture decor

If you prefer the more classic children's bedroom decor, in pastel colors or white, you can personalize the space with wall decorations. The stickers are a good way to do it, but there are still other possibilities, such as deco boards, photos or posters big size.

Kids bedrooms in neutral colors blend perfectly with color accessories

trendy modern bedroom design

The color Marsala is invited in the child's room

modern room child girl marsala pink

Bright colors for the child's room

modern child room decorate

Trendy bed for the nursery

trendy designer bed boy

Bedroom for modern girl

teenager bedroom

Berloni room with modern decoration

modern child room berloni

The mezzanine remains a privileged choice for large families

decorate room idea sticker

Wall decoration idea for kids room

object decor child idea

Design object of the moment, vintage toys

object wood deco child

Example of furniture harmonization and wall decoration in the children's room

furniture mezzanine colors kids

Trendy decor, the modern bedroom girl or boy in bright colors

furniture look kids room

Deco ideas for modern boy boy room

children room furniture

Retro toys for children room decoration

vintage toddler toys

trendy look modern bedroom boy girl

design kids beds

vintage children's deco idea

idea decoration rooms woods

child room walls how to decorate

room boy idea decor bed

kids design modern room objects

kids libraries design

modern furniture girls design

modern kids bedroom decor

decoration nature children

child furniture decoration

bedroom girl decor image

child bedroom decorating idea

decorate teen blue boy

rooms girls cushion deco

white girl bedroom decor

modern furniture idea room

kids wood furniture modern bedroom

bedroom bed furniture girl

boy room decorating ideas

bedroom furniture girls

kids room decorate red

children's bed rooms

bedroom girl boy accessories wood

bedroom child wood closet

bedroom boy design girl deco

idea room decor design

teen bedroom accessories

decoration girl white room

children's room nature wood

bedroom teenager bed

bedroom accessories toys

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