Modern children's chair against noise

children's chair against noise

The children's chair called Hideway Chair, of which we will speak in this article, was created by Think & Shift. It serves as a space for children where they can isolate themselves from outside noise in children's centers in New Zealand.

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The children's chair is both very welcoming for the little ones and with an elegant design that appeals even to adults.

Children's chair by Think & Craft

children's chair against plate

The Hideaway chair is extremely resistant. It is produced in New Zealand from natural and sustainable materials. The chair is made from plywood with a bounding spherical shell, consisting of four semicircular sections. Its spherical shape serves as a partition providing visual and audio privacy where children can relax. The chair is very low and suggests that it was made for children not for adults.

Children's chair in cut-and-plated

modern design children's chair

The holes between each section of the chair are dust-proof and each padded panel is attached to the chair using clips that make cleaning easier and more efficient. In addition, the chair can be folded to be stowed in a very small box in which it will be delivered. Here are some pictures of this incredible chair:

Children's chair spherical

interesting design children's chair

Child's armchair that isolates from noise

design children's chair against noise

The chair is very easy to clean

child's chair against plate

practical child's chair

children's chair upholsters

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