Modern, classic, elegant toilet ideas

idea decoration toilet bathroom small space

Are you looking for a bathroom decoration idea? We offer a series of images for the decoration of modern, classic and elegant toilets.

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It is often thought that decorating a space requires a lot of effort, expense and imagination. This collection of images will show you that the elegant decor in modern, classic or contemporary style does not require additional expenses, but only a good choice of materials and some quality elements.

Decorative toilet idea: small toilet with toilet bowl of modern design

decorating idea bathroom wall contemporary style

Whether the toilets are smaller or larger, there is an essential element for their decoration: the toilet bowl. So, to start, why not design the decoration of your toilet by choosing a toilet bowl of original and interesting shape? Today, the solutions for this kind of bowls are unlimited and one can easily find designer toilets at attractive prices. The rounded or square bowl shapes are not only practical for the decoration of small toilets, but also more original and aesthetic.

Modern Design Toilet Idea

idea decoration toilet toilet Wc small space

Second idea deco toilets cheap and elegant: think of the colors. Among the trendy colors for modern design toilets are black and shades of gray, such as graphite gray, for example. These colors can be used for tiling in the bathroom and in the toilet or for the essential elements in this space, such as bowl, washbasin and bathtub, if you have one.

Toilet and bathroom decor idea with stone in neutral and blue shades

deco idea toilet accessories rustic style

For the toilets of classic and contemporary design, one could use the white color. Just like black or gray, the white color could be used for the entire room decoration or for items of your choice. White being a neutral shade, it combines easily with all other colors. The different combinations with this shade are particularly suitable for the traditional decoration of the WC. For a more dramatic effect, one could use a combination of white and black: with a checkered tile or with tiles in white and a black toilet bowl, for example. Pale shades, such as beige, are also an excellent choice for contemporary bathroom deco.

Toilet ideas in white, green and blue

contemporary bathroom decorating idea bathroom

Looking for an even more special bathroom deco idea? So use a combination of colors and quality materials, such as Pierre and the wood. Used in bathrooms and toilets, wood allows you to create a zen and pleasant atmosphere, which could be described as modern or classic, depending on the design of the elements in the space.

Idea deco toilet with small storage cabinet

idea decoration wc

To complete this easy and elegant decoration, add some furniture and essential accessories, such as lighting fixtures. To draw the last touches of the decoration of your toilets, you can use a piece of storage furniture. In most toilets, this furniture is almost mandatory, so try to find a way to integrate it into the decoration!

Toilet ideas and lighting suggestions

black and white toilet decor ideas

Finally, as for lighting, our advice is to choose them according to the style of decoration. So, for example, the classic black and white toilets could be decorated with wrought iron fixtures. At the successful deco of bathrooms and toilets more modern we would add, with great success, industrial style lamps or LED fixtures.

Idea deco toilet in white

modern deco ideas toilet

And now, you can have a toilet with an elegant and very successful decoration without breaking the bank! To find the bathroom deco idea that suits you the most, explore all the images in our collection that follows.

Onda toilet deco idea by Antonio Lupi Design

decorate designer toilets

Classical and contemporary design toilets

contemporary classic toilet

Idea deco toilet and classic toilet

idea wc classic decor

Allia toilet ideas by Arum

idea decor toilet wc

Decorative idea and toilets in stone and wood

deco ideas stone and wood toilets

Decorative idea for small space toilets

deco idea small toilet

Deco and modern toilet in black

black toilet decor idea

Bright toilet decor

idea decoration toilet lighting

Elegant toilet decoration for small space

interior house idea decoration toilet

Example elegant toilet decoration

modern interior idea deco toilet

Modern Design Toilet Idea

interior design idea deco modern toilet

Design toilet ideas

bathroom deco idea toilet

deco idea contemporary house toilet

deco idea home toilet design

modern houses idea deco toilet

modern wc deco idea

toilet decor ideas

house deco wc toilet

deco toilet ideas toilet

decoration wc small spaces

modern wc decor

modern wc design deco

modern deco toilet

toilet white toilet deco

modern wc decor

toilet toilet deco photos

white wc decoration

toilet decoration wc

modern toilet design toilet

decoration toilet wc

white toilet decor

modern decoration elegant toilet

white design toilet decoration

black and white toilet decor

modern design toilet ideas

deco design house wc toilet

decoration toilet color paint wc

contemporary design toilet decor

elegant toilet design decoration

decoration wc and elegant toilet

white toilet design deco

interior decoration toilet wc beige

decoration ideas small wc

modern design toilet

toilet decoration design idea

bathroom idea deco toilet

house idea white toilet deco

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