Modern console: about fifty furniture ideas and deco tips

modern console wood design

The modern console is a small piece of furniture, often present in the entrance decoration and which can also be used for decorating other rooms in the house. This article presents more than 50 ideas of modern consoles in different materials and offers advice to showcase this piece of furniture.

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The modern console very often performs the function of a piece of furniture that is used to deposit various objects on returning home. The console is a practical entry table because of its small size which makes it suitable for slightly larger entrances, but also for narrower corridors. The modern console is often highlighted by a mirror hanging on the wall that dominates majestically. Thus, in its role of complementing the decoration of an entrance with console design, the mirror provides an interesting setting of the corner where the console is located.

Modern console and decorative idea with mirror

modern console mirror black white

Corridors and entrances are often faint spaces that lack windows and natural light. The illuminated color console is a good choice for the decoration of this type of corridors: it exists in lacquered white, light wood or metal. To highlight a console in a hallway or in an entrance, you can use bedside lamps. Flanked by lamps, the only source of light for the corridor, the modern console remains in the middle of the luminous bodies that put it even more in value.

Modern console in white and decoration idea

modern console white deco

The console can also decorate an empty corner of the living room or the bedroom. There, it can be decorated with a large table arranged in the space above the console. Tall vases, placed in the two corners of the console, will give a sense of balance and symmetry to the space.

Entrance furniture idea and modern metal console Terrace by Westelm

modern console entrance Westelm

In addition to its decorative function, the console also has a practical aspect: it is sometimes used as a small bar table or as an office in a workplace or in a room. If you plan to use the console as a bar table, you can decorate it with one or two bottles and a few glasses. These objects must not be arranged symmetrically at all costs. So, for example, they can occupy one end of a large glass console , the rest of the space being decorated with books or a vase with flowers.

Idea of ​​small modern table and wooden console

modern wooden design console

When you use the console as an office table, you tend to leave the space around it without decorations. To avoid a too empty look of the space around the console, opt for various decorative objects arranged around it. The console desk can be accompanied by a design armchair located near her. In a similar way, one can place, at the feet of the modern console, an object of art, such as a large vase or an interesting statue.

Deco with small table and modern console

modern small console table design

A small stool, hidden under the console would complete the look of the work area, while serving as a seat. Another way to create a more sophisticated space around the console is to use two chairs that can be arranged symmetrically on both sides and thus flank it. These chairs will help you frame the space around the console. In addition, you could use it when you want to quickly turn the console into a small office.

Gray Console Idea with Drawer by Kendo Mobiliario

deco small consoles with drawer

The modern console is not a piece of furniture that has just been bought from the store and is made of the latest materials. It can very well be a vintage console because it is also fashionable! Old or new, the modern console is a piece of furniture that we install at home and that we find pretty and practical. This piece of furniture must meet our taste and the rest of the style of our home without it being mandatory anyway. A stylish furniture, although it does not fit in any way in the general style at home, can very well be the furniture (with a large M) that we need!

Ideas for contemporary console tables

interior design modern console design

The modern and elegant console is a piece of furniture that responds to the style of the decor on top of it and the style of the mirror that dominates it. There is a homogeneity in the elegance ... in any case, that's what we've always been told ... It's quite another thing in fashion at the moment, as for example in the style swag . It is possible that one day heterogeneity will be accepted in such a way that we stop looking for harmony whatever in anything.

Elegant console with lacquered surface

small tables modern console entry cabinet

This day, when it comes to interior design, is still far away and you see that the modern and elegant console is the one that fits perfectly with the unique style that reigns at home. It will surely meet the needs of color, style, shape and material to find its place where it will be put.

Console table in gray shade

white console table modern design

It can not accommodate any decorative object or other. Its geometry and its pace must be perfectly compatible with all the objects and figurines decorating it.

Design console in gold tone metal

modern metal console entrance furniture

Contrast is another possibility that remains to be expected when looking for how to dominate a modern console or when looking for which one to choose in a configuration already planned. For example, here is how a clock can contrast the straight lines from all sides, forming a futuristic geometric shape and at the same time reminding that of an insect, and the elegant curve forming a perfect circle. You may see that there is another contrast too. In the symmetry which exists between the two trapezes, the one that the feet of the console form and the one that the small pot of flowers, placed under the console, represents, there is a plane rotation which makes that the two trapezes are decomposed in two opposite reflections.

Interesting design console

small tables modern consoles wood

Entrance furniture and black modern console

black modern console design entrance furniture

It is quite another thing to be able to store on the modern console objects of art nouveau that do not fit in any classical geometric requirement and that bring movement and dynamism in the vintage or classic style of the main piece of furniture. The mix of old and new styles always brings a fresh breath in the decor and design in general. Any curve that is little known and not in keeping with what we are used to seeing and putting away has the advantage of shaking or even changing the limits, most of the time rigid, of the man being able to accept new ones. laws in terms of aesthetics and fashion.

Hallway furniture: the modern Nook wooden console by Westelm

modern home hallway furniture wooden consoles

We sincerely hope that you have already found the modern dream console for your home. If you want to have more ideas or if you are just curious, do not hesitate to discover the rest of our suggestions for this type of furniture in the gallery below!

Idea of ​​entrance furniture and white modern console

modern furniture entree white consoles

Idea for modern console and entrance deco

modern console furniture decoration design entrance

Console console design in black

black furniture console entry

Geo lacquered white console by Westelm

modern furniture lacquered white console

Glass console table for modern entrance deco

deco glass tables between modern console

White console of modern design

furniture design white consoles design

Gray Console with Drawer by Kendo Mobiliario

ideas interior modern consoles drawers

Modern interior and designer console desk

interior design modern offices console glass

Metroplitan Wooden Console Table by Pottery Barn

ideas wooden tables small consoles

Modern Interior and Console in Wood and Metal Industrial by Westelm

interior idea modern deco metal console

Modern decoration with wooden console

modern home decoration wooden consoles

photo consoles deco modern entrance small table glass

idea home decoration modern houses small consoles

photo deco entrance modern consoles glass

modern interior decoration wooden consoles

deco entrance home furniture modern ideas console iron

home decoration modern furniture console wood

deco entrance house consoles wrought iron

photos deco interior console wood small black coffee tables

interior photo design consoles glass

idea entrance hallway decoration console modern wood

idea entry modern house tables consoles red

decoration entree home ideas small consoles

idea entry consoles modern tables

deco idea entrance furniture console metal

idea consoles design entrance furniture

white consoles design modern entrance idea

interior decoration furniture entrance console metal

deco entrance modern console white lacquered

lacquered furniture design red consoles

entrance furniture and consoles modern design

modern red console design entrance furniture

console metal deco hallway modern house

small drawer console white furniture ideas modern tables

modern consoles corridor and entrance

small table metal furniture wood idea modern house

high consoles idea hallway modern furniture

modern console atmosphere autumn bright colors

console design idea modern hallway

modern consoles deco hallway and furniture

modern console style African colonization colors

home furniture console consoles design

modern console art comfort eternity

small office console white deco modern entrance

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