Modern decor for the living room: 85 ideas with gray sofa

modern living room-canape-gray-design-scandinavian design

In this article, we reveal how to register a gray sofa in a living room with modern decor thanks to 85 photos of interiors with this type of furniture. The gray color belongs to the group of neutral tones.

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For this reason, it is relatively easy to use for the layout of different rooms. And this, even if you are not a specialist in the field of interior design.

modern decor living room sofa gray living room

Gray is a good choice especially for large furniture. This is due to a simple reason: many people tend to build sets of their homes around this type of furniture. The neutral shades of gray make the furnishing of the rooms even easier.

Modern living room deco with small gray and white sofa

modern decor corner sofa-gray-lounge-scandinavian

In contrast to bright colors, which can only marry with a limited number of tones, gray harmonizes seamlessly with a very rich palette of colors. Let's go to discover how to use a trendy piece of furniture like the gray sofa for a modern living room and living room decor!

How to combine colors in an interior with modern decor: gray sofa with accessories in neutral tones

modern deco idea living room sofa gray

The gray-toned fabrics have a modern look that suits both houses with a more refined decoration and interiors with lots of accessories. The same trend is observed for the artificial leather of this color. As a result, the gray sofa is a piece of furniture that will register with great success in most living rooms of modern style.

Modern living room and decoration with light gray sofa

modern decor canape-gris-clair-table-basse-bois

But rest assured: all this does not mean that this sofa will have an impersonal air. On the contrary, it will allow you to create a finer and more complex atmosphere. To get there, play on the accumulation of several layers of colors, materials and fabrics.

Interior with modern decor, sofa in light gray and wooden coffee table

modern deco canapes gray furniture living room wood coffee table

In modern interiors, the sofa often goes hand in hand with a coffee table or with a sofa end . For a living room with sofa in light gray, choose a wooden coffee table whose color is relatively dark to highlight the natural material.

Modern style living room with gray sofas and wooden coffee table

modern decor stay-canape-gray-sofa-cushion-yellow

Some types of wood contain gray shades. A small piece of furniture of this kind will perfectly accompany your modern sofa. For rooms with darker sofa, use a table that will emphasize the modern style of decoration. To do this, we will give the advantage to natural materials but more "cold". Examples of this kind of modern materials are glass, marble or even plastic.

Living room with modern decor, gray sofa and wooden TV stand - ideas of space organization

modern deco canapes living room design leather gray wood furniture tele

Some homeowners find that decorating a living room with sofa and coffee table in the middle of the space is a little too "classic" and uninteresting. If you are part of this group, you could try to organize your living room into different areas.

How to divide indoor space into zones for a modern atmosphere

modern decor living room-small-sofa-gray-angle

Think about creating a space to watch TV, a reading corner and yet another to have coffee together, play games with your family or just chat.

Deco and modern living room design with bedside table

ideas rooms stays furniture

As a result, the coffee table could become a useless element. You would then have the option to replace the effect it produces with another piece of furniture. TV storage, a bookcase or space separation shelves ... it's up to you!

Modern decorative example of living room and gray padded sofa

modern deco canapé capitonne salon gray

As we have said, gray color sofas have a chic and modern look. It is therefore natural to want to accompany these pieces of furniture with accessories in a contemporary style.

Modern design living room with gray sofa

modern furniture for living room

But at the same time, this furniture also makes us think of the glamor of the time of the great stars of Hollywood cinema. This applies in particular to padded sofas and those with metal feet.

Create a timeless interior inspired by different periods of history

decoration idea living room color palette

This feature allows those who wish to introduce a decorative touch a little sophisticated with cushions, candle holders, vases or retro statuettes. All these accessories, contemporary or retro, could be in the range of neutral colors or, conversely, in bright shades, according to your personal taste.

Modern living room deco with gray sofa and cushions in bright colors

deco living room modern sofa

On the other hand, gray is a color that goes well with metal accessories. In fact, in the feng shui decoration One of the ways to represent this material is to use light gray.

Modern living room with gray furniture and coffee table with metal legs

color modern living room furniture gray

You can use this property of gray to your advantage in the layout of your living room. Think about it especially when you buy fixtures and frames for your photos or your paintings. Placed next to the gray sofa, these decorative elements will echo this furniture. They will bring a finishing touch to your living room.

What color palette for a modern living room deco with gray sofa?

furniture living room modern style

Gray nicely accompanies other neutral shades such as beige, white and black. All shades of gray have the ability to coexist aesthetically with touches of these colors. This palette of neutral notes is ideal for those who dream of a quiet and relaxing lounge.

modern sofa gray sofa

It will also seduce you if you like Scandinavian lounges, completed by touches of wood. To make the atmosphere of your living room in neutral colors cooler, add a few green plants.

Modern gray sofa decoration and living room

modern decor gray canapes

Think of playing with various shades of neutral, lighter and darker tones. To do this, freely use cushions, carpets, throws and throws.

Gray sofa and modern living room with touches of bright colors

gray sofa deco modern living rooms

Gray coexists harmoniously with bright shades such as yellow, green and red. These are shades that contribute to the creation of a more dynamic atmosphere. They will appeal to those who want a fresh and vitamin-rich interior.

Modern sofa in gray and furniture for living room design

modern sofas living room furniture

To achieve such a decor without abusing colors, we put on one or two bright shades. We make sure to introduce two or three small furniture or accessories painted in these shades. They will echo without making your living space too full of varied tones.

How to achieve a vitamin and modern atmosphere with textile accessories

gray taupe living room color

A similar effect can be obtained also using textiles. Accumulate cushions and accessories in bright or complementary tones. Place them on your modern gray sofa and on your armchairs. If you wish, try to complete the whole thing with curtains of similar tones.

modern interior decoration living room with gray sofa

In addition to being pleasing to the eye and simple to make, this modern decoration is also very functional. It is based on small elements that can be changed in a few gestures. And it is precisely this advantage that seduces people wishing to change the look of their modern living room according to the seasons of the year.

Photo of modern sofa in gray

deco modern gray sofa

In any case, do not abuse bright colors to avoid creating a disappointing decor. If you hesitate between several shades, prefer those in light tones, especially if your sofa and your chairs are dark gray.

Modern decor for living room with gray sofa by Westelm

furniture design living room deco modern style

The gray sofa is a piece of furniture that can bring a lot of finesse to your home. It fits easily into all interiors with modern decor.

Modern living room interior with gray sofa

living room decor modern gray canapes

The choice of shapes, shades and designs for sofas of this type is almost endless. This is what gives you a lot of options for the layout of your living room. Check out the rest of our 85 pictures and discover many models and examples of salons with this beautiful piece of furniture:

Gray sofa and modern design interior

photo salon style modern furniture gray

Corner sofa in gray for modern style living room

gray modern living room furniture taupe

Modern decor and designer lounge sofa

modern living room design ideas

Living room with modern decor and gray sofas

modern deco living room sofa design

Small gray cabinet for modern living room

small gray modern living room furniture

Small modern sofa and living room in gray and blue

small canapes modern blue living room

Gray sofa for modern living room

small modern design lounge sofa

Living room in gray and modern decor with corner sofa

modern furniture living room gray color

Modern living room in gray with dark colored furniture

living room deco modern gray color

Modern living room furniture: corner sofa in gray

modern living room corner sofa

Modern decor for living room with furniture in gray taupe

gray taupe furniture living room decoration

Furniture in gray and modern living room decoration

gray furniture living room decoration

Modern design furniture and gray living room

modern furniture color living room

Modern design furniture and living room deco

furniture design deco modern living room

Modern interior and gray corner sofa

interior design modern gray corner sofa

Modern living room deco with gray sofa

modern living room deco ideas gray sofas

Interior and modern decoration with gray furniture

interior deco modern gray sofa

Decorative living room idea with gray furniture

gray living room design deco

Modern decor with sofa for gray living room

modern design living room sofa gray

Modern deco idea and gray sofa

deco ideas cano gray trend

modern deco living room canapes dark gray

color painting living room modern gray

modern deco gray corner canapes

modern living room pictures sofa gray leather

decoration living room sofa gray

deco living room sofa modern design

contemporary living room decoration gray design sofa

trendy color living room corner sofa gray

color paint gray living room

modern design gray sofas

decoration living room furniture gray

modern house living room furniture gray

modern interior design canape gray

photo modern interior modern sofa

color design feminin salon

contemporary living room red design

modern decoration living room corner gray sofas

light gray living room modern decor

pictures living room corner sofa

modern decor living room sofa design

modern decor color living room furniture

modern decor interior

open kitchen layout living room furniture gray

modern decorations canape stay

deco contemporary style living room gray

trendy color living room modern furniture

canapes modern design living room gray

furniture sofa contemporary design

pictures of modern living room sofa

color canape deco modern living room

living room sofa taupe modern deco

dark gray furniture interior dark colors

modern decor sejour design furniture

idea living room minimalist furniture

model living room corner sofa gray

corner sofa living room layout

corner cabinet modern lounges

contemporary design living room furniture

idea living room contemporary furniture

interior design living room sofa taupe

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