Modern design indoor furniture by Crowdy House

interior furniture original design Formabilio

Today, we will share with you our recent finds, discovered on the site of Crowdy House . Crowdy House is a site of indoor furniture which allows designers and creators to make the first of their products and sell them directly to consumers.

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As it is marked on the site itself, "directly from the designers means the best price for you, a better profit for the designers and an authentic design".

Indoor furniture by Crowdy House - pendant lamps designed by Incipit Lab

Incipit Lab lamp interior furniture

The products are only sold for a limited time on the site, so it is possible to be unable to find some of the products that we present today if you look at this article a few days after its publication, for example. But by visiting the site, you will definitely find a new selection of original products that you could buy at an excellent price.

Original design wall shelf by Jaanus Orgusaar / Borealis Ltd

indoor furniture rack design Jaanus Orgusaar / Borealis Ltd

Let's start with design lighting on which we fell. Inspired by knitwear, the Tie Pendant Lamps by Incipit Lab has a clever and modern look, thanks to its ceramic parts in combination with the colorful cotton laces. Created by Laura Marìn Saragozza, this piece is available in two sizes and finishes. If you opt for the terracotta finish, you can choose between laces in blue and cream. And in case you order the gray lamp, you can choose between yellow and anthracite laces. But this is only a proposal and if you browse the photos, you will find other pieces likely to please you as lighting, furniture and decorative objects. Here they are:

Decorative wall shelf in bright colors by Formabilio

interior furniture modern shelf Formabilio

Wall lamps of modern design by Transnatural Art & Design Label

indoor furniture wall light Transnatural Art & Design Label

Wall decoration with shelves by Formabilio

interior furniture design wall shelf Formabilio

Design metal magazine rack in black color by Marco Ripa

furniture design door

Elegant design candlestick by Jam Furniture

modern deco candlestick Jam Furniture

Table Decoration with Candleholders by Jam Furniture

modern design candlesticks Jam Furniture

Practical and elegant wall shelf by Formabilio

design wall shelf Formabilio

design pendant lamp Incipit Lab

original design lamps MICROmacro

designer furniture modern candle holders Puik Art.

designer furniture candles Puik Art.

furniture design tray service ALLT Studio

art deco furniture KAMI. DESIGN

design armchair Katerina Stavrinou Moleski

indoor furniture pendant lamps MICROmacro

furniture interior furniture storage Formabilio

interior furniture table deco KAMI. DESIGN

Formabilio interior furniture side table

indoor furniture bedside table With Love

item Marco Ripa magazine rack

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