Modern fireplace: design, efficiency, style

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The modern fireplace is perfect for heating the room with efficiency and style and create a cozy atmosphere during the winter. Fireplaces come in all forms and can be adapted to all spaces and styles of interior design.

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The fireplace was once the only way to heat the rooms in the house. Nowadays, it has given way to electric heating. However, the fireplace is present and is coming back in force more and more in contemporary interiors. Its authentic charm is much appreciated by design lovers. The new fireplaces have the charm of the old ones, but they are much more modernized, easy to install and use. There are different models. Before choosing a particular chimney model, the question that must first be asked is: what will be the use of your chimney?

Modern fireplace in classic style

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If it is to heat your home, you can choose between a fireplace with insert, closed fireplace or stove. The fireplace with insert allows to fully heat your home or apartment. In addition, its installation does not require major work. Its great advantages are its efficiency, cleanliness and safety. The fire has an average duration of ten hours.

Modern fireplace with glazed door

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The closed fireplace has a door (glass, metal or other) that closes the fireplace. It is efficient and secure, but it requires a certain cost. It must be maintained regularly. The stove is ideal for efficiently heating small homes. Highly efficient and reliable, its only drawback is its size and its supply.

Modern bio ethanol fireplace

modern fireplace idea design living room central

If you want a fireplace to decorate your home, there are three main solutions: the bio ethanol fireplace, the gas fireplace and the electric fireplace. The bio ethanol fireplace is very fashionable. We see it more and more in hotels, villas and contemporary homes and design. It is easy to install because it does not require any leads. Its universal design is easy to adapt because all forms are possible. It is also very clean: no wood, no ash or smoke. Discreet, elegant and modern! The gas fireplace is the perfect look-alike of the traditional fireplace without the constraints of wood. Similar to that, running on bio ethanol, it is more efficient. It exists in different designs, but the choice is more limited than that for the bio ethanol fireplace. The electric fireplace is visually very close to the traditional fireplace. It is often chosen for its aesthetics and not for its heating capacity. Let's discover some models of very modern fireplaces and design, all available online.

Design fireplace with panoramic glass Stofocus

fireplace design bio ethanol glass panoramic idea living room design plant fixture suspension coffee table wood glass

The Stofocus fireplace is made of high quality materials. She is very resistant and powerful. From the outside it is dressed in ceramic, a panoramic window serves to protect from fire. Its elegant design makes it ideal for a modern style interior.

Panoramic Collection Fireplace with Panoramic Glass, Piazzetta Design

fireplace central design modern idea living room modern helsinki piazzetta

The company Piazetta is based in Italy. It creates very modern and efficient chimneys. Here are two models of central fireplaces in their Panoramic collection. They will suit a house or apartment a little more spacious. They also include storage space. Inspired by the classic, designed according to modern technologies, Piazetta fireplaces offer an unforgettable design and warmth.
Panoramic Collection Fireplace with Panoramic Glass, Design Piazzetta

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A bright and warm fire, an impressive design is the result of the marriage of technology and creativity. The Nerone wall fireplace is an element that integrates with every type of interior design. His look is rather futuristic and modern. It is also the fact of having, at every moment, a lively heart, present and warm beside.

Bio ethanol fireplace design Nerone

bioethanol fireplace design idea living room modern fireplaces

The central fireplace Slimfocus is the latest creation of the Atelier Dominique Imbert. It is the result of the result of a search for aesthetic fluidity, optimal comfort and outstanding heating performance. This invention is a real revolution in the field of contemporary fireplaces.

Slimfocus central wood burning fireplace

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The Slimfocus fireplace is available online, in traditional suspended and fixed version. It also exists in dual flow, swivel, pedestal and gas versions. Its look is very elegant and easy to integrate.

Slimfocus fireplace

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The JC Bordelet Company offers a large collection of modern fireplaces and stoves. The wide choice allows everyone to find the ideal fireplace for their interior. The collection offers models in six colors available: anthracite gray, chocolate, metallic chocolate, taupe, black, metallic black. Some models are glazed.

Fireplace open and suspended by JC Bordelet Industries

open fireplace hanging design living room idea jc bordelet industries corner sofa green fixture hanging

The Edofocus steel wall fireplace is part of the Paxfocus design fireplace collection designed by Dominique Imbert. It is a closed model with glass and secure. Its minimum power is 10Kw. It can be ordered in two colors: matte black or gray. It can also be operated with wood or open gas.

Steel wall-mounted fireplace with panoramic glass

fireplace wall design idea living room modern sofa

The fireplace Fire Line is a real revolution in the design of contemporary fireplaces. Designed by the company Planika, she is the only model in our selection who has a remote control. In addition, it is very economical.

Modern fireplace with Fire Line remote control by Planika

modern fireplace design remote control fine line design deco board wall chair design idea

Choose the fireplace that best suits your needs, your needs and your interior. Warm up your home: literally and metaphorically!

Discreet fireplace integrated into the wall

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