Modern fireplaces: 25 examples for a warmer winter

modern fireplaces interesting wood design

There is nothing better to create a welcoming decor and a warm atmosphere than a beautiful fireplace. The modern fireplaces can integrate with each type of decoration and interior style.

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They have designs that adapt perfectly to any atmosphere. And to illustrate this idea, we present you a selection of 25 examples of modern fireplaces different categories and styles.

Modern fireplaces for a warm and welcoming interior

modern fireplaces wood idea

The fireplaces are particularly pleasant in a rustic style decor. Imagine a wooden chalet and stone in the Alps with a warm interior, a rustic decor and a beautiful stone fireplace that offers a great atmosphere when it's cold outside. The cottage or house in the fireplace-free fixture will always be incomplete - no matter if their interior is modern or more traditional.

Contemporary interior decoration with fireplace

modern fireplaces deco living room idea

The fireplace can very well play the role of focal point in the interior of a room. It can occupy a central place in the layout and all other furniture will be positioned around to create a cozy and warm conversation corner in winter. But you are in no way obliged to live at the assembly to have a fireplace. There are models perfectly adapted to the lifestyle and urban architecture. In a modern environment, the fireplace can be perfectly integrated into the decor. It can be placed along a wall, or below the TV. Here are some beautiful examples in pictures:

Modern interior with design fireplace

modern contemporary design fireplaces

Open space deco with fireplace

modern fireplaces ultra modern wood

Rustic bedroom decorated with fireplace

rustic deco fireplace bedroom

Wooden interior deco idea with fireplace

design concrete beton chimney

Warm living room decoration

wood interior design fireplace

Ultra modern fireplace in the living room

contemporary interior design fireplace

modern stylish design fireplace

design fireplace interesting deco

fireplace design original open space

fireplace original design interior

fireplace design ultra modern living room

metal fireplace deco living room

wood interior stone fireplace

fireplace lounge deco elegante

fireplace living room idee deco

fireplace living room modern idea

fireplace living room tele idee

modern classic decor

modern fireplaces design ideas

modern fireplaces rustic interior

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