Modern flat roof house that defies gravity by NOTT

house flat roof canteliver architecture

This private tour brings us into a flat roof house of modern design that plays with the laws of gravitation through a cantilevered construction. The building in question is called Open House ("Open house") and it is located in Dnipropetrovsk, a town of almost one million people on the Dnieper River, south of Ukraïne.

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Occupying an area of ​​600 m. square, it was designed by Sergey Gotvyansky, founder of the studio NOTT Design . Created in 2008, the latter works in the field of development of various public and private projects.

Photo of modern style flat roof house: view from outside

house flat roof beams cantilever

The modern form of this residence is largely inspired by so-called cantilever installations, that is to say constructions with an element supported by a part that is above the void and lacks direct support. This architectural solution has allowed Sergey Gotvyansky to create a residency project that defies the imagination and classic ideas of balance.

Flat roof house: picture of interior with modern decoration

house flat roof interior deco modern style

Dressed in wood and glass, the house with flat roof offers exceptional views of the exterior which includes a beautiful pool, several terraces and a trendy garden . The latter consists of green spaces and a small pebble area which is a kind of interior patio, surrounded by a wooden decking. It also fulfills the function of a natural transition between the house and the garden.

House flat roof with cantilevered parts: decoration of the living area

flat roof house contemporary design architecture

The interior of the house is laid out according to the latest trends with flooring and walls made of organic materials such as stone and wood. This decor is complemented by wall accents and reddish-colored corten steel and in black. The preferred color palette throughout the space is the neutral shades and in particular the shades of white, black and beige. The furniture is carefully chosen to match these colors and materials. Modern lighting and cozy fireplaces accompany this very refined ensemble.

Flat roof house: modern style interior design, color palette and accessories

house flat roof modern interior design

The Open House is a fine example of modern style construction with flat roof . It awakens the imagination and inspires its inhabitants and visitors to stay in touch with nature, without neglecting their needs for comfort and relaxation. If you dream of building your own home, you can borrow ideas from this building and consider a house plan that is daring. Far from being outmoded, it could be the perfect solution for creating an interesting home, especially if you are going to work on unconventional terrain. The photos of this project, available in the gallery below, give you the opportunity to spot more details for your own modern home construction project:

House built cantilever: idea of ​​organization of space

flat roof house modern exterior design

Outdoor terrace of modern style architect house with pool

construction house design landscaping outdoor terrace

House with modern flat roof: place with natural materials

outdoor house plans contemporary design

Decoration of the facade: how to register the house in its natural environment

house flat roof deco outdoor terrace

Photo of the garden in rocaille and the modern patio of house of architect

Japanese garden modern homes

Modern outdoor decoration: take inspiration from nature for a zen atmosphere

photo terrace modern home improvement

Modern house wall cladding idea: how to open your interior on the outside

house deco modern architecture

Deco trend of the interior of home: ideas of association of colors and materials

architecture home false door design

Accessories and decorative accents of house built cantilever

house roof flat decoration living room interior

Flat roof house: example of coatings and colors

house modern decoration idea

Modern kitchen with central island overlooking the outside

modern kitchen decoration house plan

pictures house exterieur deco design

architecture house garden design

house flat roof garden deco exterior

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