Modern garden bed: some inspiring ideas

design garden bed TRIBÙ

What could be better than enjoying summer, sun and nature while still resting on a garden bed comfortable sipping a refreshing cocktail?

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It sounds like a great idea and you just have to have one outdoor area , to choose the garden bed that meets your desires and your special needs. And if you still have not chosen your bed, in this article you may find the model of your dreams.

Modern garden bed by Falper

modern garden bed Falper

Choosing a garden bed is not like choosing furniture for the interior. The designs and models are not like those of indoor furniture. It is the same for the materials used. But before going to the store, you must first decide on the size of the bed and where you intend to place it. Do you want a comfortable bed to relax and read or a more appropriate model for meetings with your loved ones and friends. Then you have to see if the model you have chosen will follow with the rest of your outdoor decoration.

Resin garden bed by atmosphera

Atmosphera deco garden bed

Some garden beds are made with roofs to provide strong sun protection. Others have no roof, but can be easily placed on the veranda or under the pergola. There are also special beds that require special conditions such as hanging beds. But in any case, this type of bed ensures you very pleasant moments outside.

Original design garden bed by Varsachin

elegant design garden bed Varaschin

Contemporary garden bed in black by Manutti

design garden bed black MANUTTI

Outdoor wooden bed with canopy by Colico

Colico canopy garden bed

Design bed in dark blue by Paola Lenti

design garden bed Paola Lenti

Garden beds with casters by Atmosphere

Atmosphera resin garden bed

Round design bed by De Padova

round garden bed DE PADOVA

Original resin bed by Roberti Rattan

rattan garden bed Roberti Rattan

Atmosphera garden rolls bed

fabric garden bed April Furniture

garden bed with roof MAMAGREEN

garden bed with roof Serenity Luxury

canopy garden bed Samuele Mazza Collection by DFN

white garden bed Paola Lenti

comfortable garden bed Paola Lenti

original design garden bed Minotti

elegant garden bed Roberti Rattan

garden bed original shape Roberti Rattan

modern garden bed VONDOM

modern garden furniture MAMAGREEN

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