Modern garden lighting or how to illuminate your garden

garden lighting idee Platek

You need' garden lighting to enjoy your outdoor space even after sunset. But it's sometimes hard to know what kind of outdoor fixtures to use to showcase the beauty of our garden.

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In this article, we will try to help you in this task by giving you some useful tips, as well as some ideas in pictures of garden lighting modern for your outdoor space.

Modern garden lighting by Lombardo

garden lighting lamp cement Lombardo

The garden lighting is a very important factor and especially in urban gardens. Because the moments when we enjoy our garden the most are early in the morning when we drink our coffee and the evening after work when we need to rest and relax. The morning light is very beautiful, but it is in the evening that the garden is the most illuminated and becomes an extraordinary place thanks to the lights that we install there.

Original LED Garden Lighting by Lombardo

LED garden lighting design Lombardo

The garden lighting with LED fixtures is a sustainable and cost effective choice. It is perfect for outdoor decks made of wood, verandas or green spaces. By using LED fixtures you can accent your design flower pots or just your green plants at night. These fixtures have, most often, a decorative function because they will not give you all the light that you need to be able to dine outside, for example. But in combination with other lighting, you can create a beautiful landscape at night.

Modern outdoor lighting by Lombardo

Lombardo LED garden lighting

Plants absorb light and you need lighting too powerful to illuminate a tree or a large green plant, for example. So opt for luminaires placed on the ground with interesting architectural forms. Try to play with your garden lighting. Thus, a brick wall can become an excellent background for the plant that you want to accentuate. In summer, you must illuminate the green leaves or flowers of your plants, while in autumn you must move the focus on the branches and the boat.

Outdoor spotlights design by Vetreria Vistosi

garden lighting LED Vetreria Vistosi

If you want to dine outside, the best way is to illuminate your table with candles or solar lights. Solar lights are also a great option for lighting your pool, for example. Opt for different types of luminaires - LEDs, solar, wall sconces, outdoor lamps, outdoor spots, etc. Here are some pictures of beautiful well-lit gardens that will certainly inspire you:

Garden lighting of interesting design by In es.artdesign

modern garden lighting In es.artdesign

Minimalist design outdoor lighting by Vibia

modern design garden lighting Vibia

Garden lights by Penta for a beautiful garden

contemporary outdoor lighting Penta

Exterior wall lamps of original design by Veteria Vitosi

garden lighting wall light Vetreria Vistosi

Flower-shaped wall lamps by FLOS

garden lighting wall lamp FLOS

Outdoor metal floor lamp by iGuzzini Illuminazione

garden lighting floor lamp iGuzzini Illuminazione

Garden decorated with outdoor lights

outdoor wall closes garden

Fun design outdoor luminaires by PLUST Collection by Euro 3 Plast

garden lighting idee PLUST Collection by Euro 3 Plast

Concrete design luminaires by Vibia

modern garden lighting Vibia

Lamps for the garden by Inside

exterior lighting design steel Inside

Outdoor lighting design Platek

outdoor lighting design Vibia

external lighting Q-BIC idea

lighting garden deco Goccia Illuminazione

lighting garden design Goccia Illuminazione

modern design garden lighting

lighting garden fountain idea

lighting garden idee deco

lighting garden Idea Nahoor

lighting garden illumination tree

LED garden lighting idee deco

LED garden lighting NEOLUX LED lighting Solutions

lighting garden spot design

solar lighting garden idea

modern garden lighting idea

outdoor floor lamp design PANZERI

modern outdoor floor lamp Platek

outdoor floor lamp rattan PANZERI

contemporary exterior lamparaire

Martinelli Luce modern garden lamp


design garden lamps Vibia

outdoor solar light GE.CO NETWORK

outdoor lighting allees garden

contemporary outdoor lighting Goccia Illuminazione

modern outdoor lighting Goccia Illuminazione

garden lighting allees garden

design garden lighting interesting

lighting garden entrance design

outdoor spot design Goccia Illuminazione

outdoor spot original design ROYAL BOTANIA

outdoor spot garden idea

outdoor spot modern garden

outdoor spot modern garden Goccia Illuminazione

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