Modern home interior: over 50 ideas to discover the white

ideas interior modern home white lounges

With this large folder on the theme of modern home, we propose to explore the beauty of more than 50 spaces where white is a dominant color. And to complete these beautiful images, we offer tips and tricks to decorate a modern space in white.

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Idea for modern home interior in white

photo modern houses colors salon

The secret of a successful decoration in white hides in two simple principles. The first touch to the texture. In fact, according to many interior design specialists, the neutrality of the white color has the ability to highlight the textures in the room. For this reason, those who wish to give more character to a living room or at a bedroom in white, should think about the textures and materials they will use. Without this essential element, the room decorated in white may lack personality.

Modern house interior in white and wood

modern house interior deco idea

Well, what textures and materials to choose? Natural materials, such as wood and stone, are excellent complements for modern interiors. As we know, the current trend in the world of decoration is more and more towards respect for the environment and the use of natural materials. So, to get a modern white house interior, do not hesitate to follow the trend and use these materials. To add contrast or to emphasize a particular accessory, one could complement the decoration by decorative objects made of these materials, such as iron, metal, or by glass elements or mirrors.

Example of modern white house interior and lilac armchair

modern interior paint color

The second principle to respect is related to the essential nature of the white: it is a set of colors which is neutral and which, used abundantly in a room, has the capacity to highlight any object of another color. To succeed in your decoration in white, do not forget this principle: any object that you intend to install in the room decorated in white, whether it is a piece of furniture or a painting, will be highlighted by this color.

Decoration example for modern home interior in white

modern style living room decor in white

For this reason, interior design specialists suggest to accompany modern white interiors with characteristic and daring furniture and accessories. Examples of this kind of accessories are the large-format decorations that are often seen in the living rooms decorated in white or furniture of a bright color or remarkable design, such as this by Uufie . The image above is another example of decent decoration for a blank space. It combines the two principles we are talking about, as well as the use of a daring wooden object.

Example of modern home interior and bedroom in white

white modern house decor

White is a timeless and peaceful color and could be used to decorate any space in the house: from the entrance, through the kitchen and bedrooms, to finish with the bathroom. However, remember that this is a very light color and that its use in certain spaces, such as the kitchen, for example, may require more maintenance and regular cleaning efforts, could sometimes deter you from choosing it.

Modern design living room and modern white house interior

white living room modern decor

With these tips and advice in mind, you are well armed to know if the white color would suit the decor of your modern home interior. Although white requires that you spend more time in a white kitchen to clean it, white is the best solution for an American-style kitchenette, especially if it communicates with the living room equally clear and neutral, decorated mostly white. The white allows the small place to look bigger, more spacious. When cleanliness is scrupulously respected, the kitchen in white has no equal: warm, clean, welcoming, everyone dreams of having one like that.

Modern house interior and kitchen in white

modern interiors white kitchens

Obviously, if you put a little color accompanying the white, whether you do it in the kitchen or in the living room, your interior will have an incomparable charm. Everything is fine with white, pastel shades, like bright colors and screaming. Each color has its meaning, its strength and its charm. If you are interested in the colors and their meaning, as well as the meaning of their combination, sometimes also their positioning via the storage of the furniture themselves, you can furnish everything according to your own feeling by fully relying on your taste and instinct.

Modern house interior in white

modern interior design in white

Since white enlarges or, in any case, gives that impression, you can quietly put furniture in the middle of your stay without worrying about a possible space in your room. If you avoid the great contrast, like the combination of white with black, bet on wood furniture of a natural light color, as shown in the picture below.

Photo of modern home interior and living room in white

modern house interior color white living room paint

White is the obvious choice for a place like the bathroom. People like bright bathrooms. The interview must be done regularly and it is, as you can see yourself, mandatory! Bathrooms that have windows and direct light can penetrate are preferred in white than those that do not have windows. These are often painted in brown, red or blue.

Modern house interior and white bathroom

home interior decoration modern white bathrooms

White is the paint that many of you choose to paint the hallway or entrance to their home. And why not, since the white paint perfectly meets the chromatic requirements of your interior and especially a space like the hallway with stairs or not linking different rooms and which serves as a passage between different spaces and therefore different styles and design.

Decorative example of modern home interior in white

ideas colors trend modern home interior

Some may see white as a hue that does not give personality to the piece it is wearing. So any object that serves something or just decorative accessories can bring an interesting and dynamic touch to a white painted space.

Modern house interior and white kitchen

interior decoration modern home white kitchens

White and wood go very well together. It's a combination of style! This duo goes perfectly for the bathroom, for the kitchen, for the bedroom. The warm atmosphere is guaranteed with a decoration white and wood .

Modern house interior and bedroom in white and wood

interior decor modern home color adult rooms

And before you let yourself decide, we suggest you to consult the rest of our ideas of modern decoration in white on the selected photos in our gallery that will follow. You will see very white ideas tinged with a touch of warm, bright color or a touch of cold, impersonal colors. All interior has its charm and interesting points. It's obviously up to you!

Modern house interior and white color

modern house interior colors

Modern house: bedroom in white

modern house interior white bedroom

Modern interior in white

modern interior decoration house in white

Modern design interior in white

modern interior design in white

Decorative idea for modern bathroom in white

ideas bathroom tile

Decorative idea for modern home interior in white

deco idea dining rooms modern white

decorative idea color bedroom

idea color modern bathroom in white

idea color painting modern room

interior modern house bedroom white light gray

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