Modern Houses: Casa Rampa by Remy Architects

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Casa Rampa, a design remains by Remy Architects, is the latest addition to our collection of modern homes and contemporary style residences . It is located in Patagonia, South America.

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It is surrounded by incredible landscapes - from the forests of Argentina and Rio Limay - that are typical of nature in this part of the world.

Modern houses: Casa Rampa built in the Patagonia region

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The house occupies an area of ​​650 square meters. It is a project of Remy Architects in collaboration with MYOO interior design. The construction site was chosen with the objective of placing the house closer to the river and thus enjoying all the benefits that this land could offer: exceptional views, landscaping of a garden with terrace and swimming pool.

Modern houses and interior design: between comfort and contact with nature

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The house is built on three levels that are connected to each other by means of a central space. The latter is arranged to make each room intimate and comfortable. The part devoted to the social life of the owners has been arranged in a raised space to give the inhabitants of the house the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views by spending time together. It is accessed by means of a ramp.

The natural and comfortable decor is one of the trends in modern home design

beautiful contemporary home decoration idea

Idea to create a bedroom of modern houses

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The bedrooms are divided into two parts: one for parents and one for children. The idea behind this solution has been to separate the areas generating the most noise and noise nuisance, such as the garden, pool and terrace, bedrooms and rest rooms.

Interesting and personalized interiors predominate in modern homes

modern house interior idee deco

Modern houses: interior design idea

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To enter the house, one moves by means of a ramp made to measure and decorated with aromatic plants. It offers views over a large part of the house, including the huge 4 meter high entrance door, which was made from organic materials from a local tree: the Lapacho or sacred tree of the Incas.

Photo of beautiful modern home kitchen

modern home photo amenagement dining room design kitchen

The interiors of the house are dominated by a palette of warm colors and natural surfaces. The atmosphere is that of the modern rustic style where Lapacho wood and walnut play an important role.

Exterior design and modern houses

modern houses terrace decking wood outdoor pool

Modern home garden: staying in harmony with your environment

modern houses idee deco outdoor garden

The exterior of the house Rampa Casa has a beautiful covered wooden terrace and decorated with modern lounge chairs. The whole is complemented by a design pool that takes the shape of the Rio Limay River bed and wraps the terrace on two sides.

Modern house design: living room with wooden cladding

architecture house deco modern style

This beautiful house also has an indoor pool, placed in an area of ​​relaxation and relaxation. It is connected to the outdoor terrace by means of a glass surface immersed in water.

Modern home decor: be attentive to every detail

beautiful contemporary house deco trend

Casa Rampa is an example of a modern and authentic home that surprises us with every step and whose architecture and interior design are able to inspire other projects of construction or decoration.

Highlighting modern homes: outdoor lighting design

modern houses lighting design outdoor terrace

Photo of Casa Rampa by Remy Architects

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