Modern interior decor: three examples by Terri Brown

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Find an architect or interior designer who can merge the best of the outdoor landscape with a vision on the interior decor of a house or apartment is really very difficult.

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And yet, we found three interpretations of interior decor harmonious and elegant by Terri Brown . The first interior you will see in our photos is a private house on the island of Mayotte. Nature is at the heart of the decor as the veranda is designed to merge with the centralized living space, while offering beautiful views of nature all around.

Home Interior Decor by Terri Brown

interior decor modern dining room

The second interior decoration that you will see is that of a property on Mauritius. It is located at the foot of the famous Le Morne mountain. All the houses around are naturally blending into the landscape and offer exceptional views of the bay - this effect has been purposely sought after in the design of the interior. The house has been designed to associate with the mountain, while offering exceptional views and luxurious accommodation.

Interior decoration of the living room in the first house on the island of Mayotte

interior decor modern house

And finally, the third example focuses mainly on serenity. A family home with colors inspired by the sea and entirely of natural materials. Just like the other designs you will discover, this house is filled with natural light and with a decor that takes full advantage of the natural landscape. And it is really infinitely pleasant to relax in these modern, serene and contemporary interiors. Contemplate them to persuade them:

Interior decoration of an elegant and contemporary house

1-deco interior, elegant lounge

The living room offers a beautiful view of the bay

interior decorating interesting design

Luxurious bedroom

interior deco bedroom

Wooden porch decoration with swimming pool

interior decorating elegant terrace

Modern exterior decoration

interior decor modern pool

The outside of the house at night

contemporary interior design deco

The second modern house located on Mauritius

outdoor decoration garden house

outdoor decoration design wood

exterior decoration elegant terrace

outdoor decoration pool veranda

outdoor decoration garage house

outdoor decoration idea

modern wood living room decoration

interior decoration elegant living room

modern wood terrace decoration

deco minimalist bedroom

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