Modern interior design in white: comfort and elegance

modern interior design Scandinavian style

The white color has long been considered a rather "safe" color for interior decoration and many people used it as a neutral shade, almost as a "non-color".

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And yet white can be used to create a interior design modern refreshing and dramatic. Today, we are going to present you 50 very beautiful ideas, inspired by the Scandinavian decoration, all targeted on the white color.

Scandinavian style modern interior design

modern interior design fireplace

If you like Scandinavian design, then you are certainly well aware of the affection that the Scandinavian decor has always had for the color white. But the latest trend in Scandinavian style is the combination of rustic, vintage and urban elements for creating a beautiful, modern and cozy interior. What used to refer to the Nordic style has now evolved into something completely different and very artistic. So do not hesitate to explore your creativity when decorating with white - combine it with various textiles, vintage objects, wood or designer lighting.

Deco open space with dining room and living room

Scandinavian interior design dining room

In this modern open-plan interior, the white color is the main color of the decoration. A white exposed brick wall separates the dining room from the living room. The dining room is decorated with wooden furniture and very interesting chairs in black and yellow. Luminaires of industrial design are suspended above the gray table. In the living room, the modern sofa continues the gray theme, while the white wall is decorated with very interesting elements.

White living room decorated with elements in contrasting colors

modern interior design living room

Here is another white living room decorated in Nordic style. The floor is covered with a modern carpet with black and white stripes which creates a very beautiful contrast with the white walls. Decorative cushions in black, white and brown make the sofa and armchairs even more comfortable. Behind the seating area is the dining room with a table and dark wood chairs in a modern retro style.

Elegant living room deco with design chandelier

modern interior design living room sofa

This show is really remarkable! White is still the main theme but this time the color is used in a very elegant way. The luxurious white and gold chandelier, with hanging crystals, is undoubtedly the centerpiece in this interior and completes the look of the ornate white walls, while the black designer furniture accentuates the decor. The wooden flooring gives warmth to the room.

Scandinavian interior in white with open plan

modern interior design dining room

Here we discover another interior with open plan of inspiration Scandinavian . The interior has a seating area and a dining area. The living area decorated with modern prints in bright colors such as blue and green contrasts sharply with the seating area, furnished with a white dining table and natural wood chairs. Several industrial-style luminaires in black complete the decor.

Scandinavian kitchen decor with dining area

modern kitchen interior design

Idea of ​​dining room wall decor

modern interior design idea

Modern living room design idea

modern Scandinavian interior design

Bedroom decorated in black and white

modern interior design bedroom floor wood

white modern interior design

modern interior design adult bedroom

modern bedroom

modern Scandinavian kitchen

Scandinavian style bedroom

Scandinavian style modern living room decoration


Scandinavian style modern design room

Scandinavian modern kitchen deco

modern elegant living room decoration

bedroom deco

modern adult room deco


decoration kitchen dining room

Scandinavian modern living room decoration

deco living room sofa gray

deco living room reading area

deco living room open space

deco scandinavian design room

Scandinavian deco modern living room

modern interior design sofa

modern interior design bedroom

modern interior design industrial room

Scandinavian design adult bedroom

modern interior design kitchen deco

modern interior design black white

original modern interior design

modern interior design bathroom

interior design modern living room elegant

modern interior design modern living room

modern interior design living room black white

modern living room decoration idea

deco lounge elegant white

Scandinavian style living room

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