Modern interior: Scandinavian inspirations

Modern dining room wooden table idea design chair pink green plant hanging lamp

Scandinavian design is characterized by the use of natural and raw materials. White, pastel colors and clean lines predominate. There is a preference for geometric and flexible shapes.

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This style of design asserts itself more and more as the design of modern interior reference. Today, we will introduce the Scandinavian company Muuto designer furniture.

Modern interior in Scandinavian style by Muuto

design living room modern idea sofa pink minimalist design scandinavian

Scandinavian design is recognized by everyone as the most modern design and the most loved. It is particularly appreciated by those who prefer noble and natural furniture in wood, cotton, wool. The lines are flexible. Turned to nature, when it comes to landscaping their cocoon, Scandinavians choose the light wood of the forests that surround them. The aesthetic and functional aspects combine to create a pleasant interior that is also easy to maintain. It is for this reason that it is preferable to apply on the floors a varnish or an oil to keep the natural aspect of the wood while protecting it.

Modern kitchen interior with wooden table and design pendant light

arrangement dining room wood wooden chair fixture hanging flowers design idea

The young Danish company Muuto was founded in 2008. It represents the new wave of Scandinavian design. Its founders: two young designers whose concept is to rethink the design Scandinavian and put it in a new and original context. For this reason, the two creators collaborate with many young Nordic talents while leaving them with total creative freedom so that they can express their personal vision and their feelings of everyday life.

Modern interior: clean linen, wood, pastel colors and predominant white

modern interior apartment minimalist library scandinavian muuto

In 45 examples, you can contemplate the result: each object is a true work of art. Each of these interiors is an illustration of heterogeneous, innovative and captivating design. Each piece reveals the universe and the identity of its creator. It's a company with a real aesthetic philosophy. Indeed, in Finnish "Muuto" means "new perspective". It is also their vision: an opening to new perspectives. Their furniture is the basis of traditional Scandinavian design, but seen from a new angle. It's the design of the future.

Ideas for modern interiors by Muuto: heiress and follower of the rich tradition of Scandinavian design

modern deco minimalist design ideas muuto

A humanist design: Man, his daily needs and the presence of nature

modern interior white chair hanging lamp

Design table and chairs for modern interior inspired by the Scandinavian tradition

modern interior dining room white chair muuto design

Modern design black light

modern interior design Scandinavian idea Finnish Danish minimalist modern design

Natural wood kitchen and hanging fixtures

interior design modern scandinavian central island kitchen wood hanging lamp

Objects to decorate your home in Scandinavian style

modern design minimalist design scandinavian muuto objects

arrangement kitchen idea modern interior contemporary design dining room muuto

dining room idea design design fixture hanging modern pink white chair

modern interior vase decoration original idea

modern design idea entrance design style chair pink

idea layout modern space design table muuto scandinavian

contemporary interior idea Scandinavian wood table muuto

muuto design modern scandinavian style dining chair hanging lamp

muuto modern design chair idea deco table minimalist object

Scandinavian design idea deco muuto plant

deco modern design sofa gray design blackboard coffee table

white design wooden table chair wood design pendant light

design dining room contemporary design chair dining table

Scandinavian modern interior living room design sofa pink metal coffee table

shelf design idea object deco modern design scandinavian muuto

shelves modern design idea hanging light fixture

modern interior deco space wooden table white parquet table idea design interior design

sofa blue living room deco minimalist modern design idea

modern living room minimalist style lamp sofa gray

design living room idea entrance deco miniamalist

design living room modern design hanging lamp white table wood chair sofa gray

deco living room interior modern sofa gray floor rug design coffee table living room

idea design dining room modern white wooden table blue chair pendant light

fit contemporary living room modern design idea

dining room interior minimalist design wooden table fixture hanging floor mats

modern minimalist design fixture hanging wooden table white chair plant

layout design dining room deco original scandinavian plant

decorative minimalist dining room design suspended lighting

design living room modern idea sofa gray design lighting hanging coffee table

minimalist Scandinavian minimalist design living room shelf muuto

modern design interior idea living room deco fixture sofa gray

modern idea design space design lamp hanging black wood furniture

modern interior design dining room chair black wood minimalist deco table

furniture design coffee table gray muuto deco idea wall minimalist style

arrangement dining room idea modern deco fixture hanging design chair

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