Modern kitchen decor: 50 proposals in bright colors

color painting dining area kitchen

Looking for some modern kitchen decor ideas, but you're tired of black and white models? So, discover our suggestions in bright colors ! There are many ways to define a modern kitchen: functional, practical, elegant, brilliant and ... often monochrome.

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How to explain the phenomenon of black and white or gray decoration that dominates the market today? Well, there are many ways to explain it.

What are the dominant colors in the modern kitchen decor?

color idea modern kitchens

White is a color that inspires a sense of cleanliness and visually increases the space. Black is timeless, easy to maintain and chic. And the gray? It is a versatile color that fits easily into any interior. For all these reasons, a growing number of modern kitchens are offered in one of these three tones. But what if you prefer to have an interior that is both trendy and does not lack a few touches in bright shades? If you have researched models of this type of kitchen, you have probably found that there are not many. For this reason, we decided to create this collection of images quite original.

Red furniture and modern kitchen decor

red kitchen modern design

When looking for ideas about kitchen colors , we quickly discover that red is one of the bright colors that dominates in the examples of development of this space. And indeed, the shades of red are particularly suitable for this room of the house because they are synonymous with vitality and energy. These qualities mean that the tomato color ranks immediately after white, black and gray in the palette of trendy shades these days.

Painting color and modern kitchen decor with yellow wall

white kitchen decoration idea

Orange and yellow seem to follow red closely. We love them for the friendly atmosphere they create, but also because they have the ability to illuminate the room, especially when they appear on lacquered surfaces. In addition, red, orange and yellow offer a thousand possibilities of harmonization very successful with white, black and wood.

Example of white and green modern kitchen decor

picture modern design kitchen

Paradoxically, when you design a modern kitchen you rarely think of the color green. At a time when we are constantly looking for ways to consume natural fruits and vegetables and to live respectfully with the environment, green is not very present in kitchens modern. And it's a shame because the nuances of this color bring a greedy and fresh touch to the spaces they decorate!

Chic interior and modern kitchen decor in blue and black

decoration and colors

Finally, let's turn to the blue tones . Like green, it is a color that is relatively uncommon in the modern decor of kitchens. And again, it's an unfortunate fact because the blue blends very well with the white and the black, which means that these shades can be used for the personalization of a trendy space with monochrome furniture. Combined with white, these tones transport us in a bright and fresh atmosphere. Allied to the black, they are able to produce very chic results, as in the interior on the image above. So, did you choose color for your kitchen with modern decor? If you need more examples, you can find the rest of our photo collection here:

Colors and modern kitchen decor by Crown Paints

color painting and modern kitchen decor

Kitchen photo and modern decor

modern decoration kitchen photos

Small modern kitchen in orange

deco small modern kitchens

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color painting modern kitchen

Palette of colors and modern kitchen

modern kitchen model

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taupe kitchen color

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modern kitchen furniture

Modern kitchen furniture in warm colors

yellow furniture modern kitchen

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blue kitchen deco

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gray kitchen furniture

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colors painting kitchen modern design

Modern kitchen decoration in blue

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modern kitchen design

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