Modern kitchen decoration - some ideas and tips

decoration modern kitchen purple white

More than just a place where you cook and eat, the kitchen is a social place in the house. We live in our kitchens. This is where we invite our friends and it is also where we have family lunch on Sunday morning - it's really the heart of the house.

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It does not matter if you want to renovate, redecorate or simply make a modern kitchen decoration, we should first think about our way of life and what would correspond to it as a design before starting work. The modern kitchen has a refined decor, elegant and minimalist but at the same time far from ordinary and simplistic. In this article we will give you some tips, accompanied by images in case you have decided to make a modern kitchen decoration .

Modern kitchen decoration in white and dark blue

decoration modern kitchen white blue

The sleek, straight-line look is very popular for modern kitchens. To create such an effect in your kitchen, choose continuous and homogeneous surfaces. For example, you can choose cabinets or shelves in the color of the walls around you. So you will create a continuous space and very convenient for storage. Choose a wall and mount wooden shelves to warm up the atmosphere. Straight lines, sharp angles and neutral shades will also give a very contemporary and modern look to your kitchen. To achieve this type of decor, choose storage units with square corners, angular appliances and contemporary accents such as a pendant lamp and bar stools.

Idea of ​​contemporary kitchen decor

decoration modern kitchen design

Create a refined and elegant kitchen. Open and simple design is essential for modern cuisine. Materials play a very important role as well. Because simple and clean does not mean annoying. Choose a variety of materials for your kitchen that will all be in contemporary shades to make your kitchen more interesting. So if your storage units are made of wood, you can choose steel appliances to create contrast. You can also combine the granite surfaces with a central island in white and glass tiles.

Modern kitchen with central island

decoration modern kitchen central island

Modern design is a bright and cheerful color design. You can choose a kitchen backsplash, light fixtures and accessories in bright colors to create a happy atmosphere. Use warm colors to warm up the contemporary design of your kitchen. If for example your kitchen is dark wood, choosing yellow as an accessory color is a great idea.

Design kitchen with lacquered surfaces

decoration modern kitchen lacquered surfaces

Glass is something very important in contemporary cuisine. Most of the time it is in the form of a lot of windows. But even if your kitchen does not have windows and the architecture of your home is more traditional, try to find other ways to create a bright, open and modern look in your kitchen. For example, you can choose glass cabinets such as wardrobes and shelves.

Modern wooden kitchen

large contemporary design kitchen

Design Scandinavian is very popular in recent years. If you like this type of decor, try incorporating it into your kitchen. The clean lines and modern accents are the key to minimalist design while the bright colors and different textures give the visual appearance of this modern kitchen. Look at the pictures to get ideas for decorating your kitchen:

Large kitchen with central island

kitchen wood central island

White kitchen decorating idea

contemporary white kitchen

Modern kitchen in gray

gray contemporary kitchen

Deco ultra modern kitchen

original kitchen

Modern kitchen of minimalist design

simple elegant kitchen deco

Kitchen in white with metallic accents

ultra modern kitchen

Contemporary wood kitchen

wood design kitchen

Wooden kitchen with beige surfaces

beige wood design kitchen

Wooden kitchen with elements in lacquered red

interesting design kitchen

kitchen original design wood

open design kitchen

practical white kitchen

elegant kitchen gray

elegant black white kitchen

ultra modern stylish kitchen

cooking dark gray island

kitchen island bar

white beige lacquered kitchen

black lacquered kitchen

modern kitchen bright colors

modern kitchen window roof

modern kitchen furniture wood glass

modern kitchen black white

modern kitchen black red

deco kitchen wood steel

contemporary kitchen deco

deco kitchen interesting design

deco minimalist kitchen

deco modern minimalist kitchen

deco kitchen surfaces lacquered

large open kitchen

contemporary kitchen deco idea

kitchen deco idea

kitchen design idea

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