Modern kitchen design by Schiffini - invite style and elegance to your home!

Pampa Schiffini modern kitchen design matereiau-bois

We are pleased to present you a few c uisines designed and manufactured by Schiffini . The company still surprises us with its beautiful designs and this time it is no exception.

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So, just spend a few seconds to look at the , , and kitchens, and choose the modern kitchen design who tempts you the most! Set up your space in a pleasant way and then enjoy unforgettable family moments!

Modern kitchen design

Pampa-Schiffini modern kitchen design island-central-optimize-storage

Schiffini was founded in 1920, but began to focus on the production of kitchens in 1950. The company quickly became famous for its high quality products; As for design, the company owes much of its success to Vico Magistretti, one of its main designers. Get inspired by the pictures we have selected for s, and create your modern kitchen design !

kitchen with ample storage space

Pampa-Schiffini-kitchen-modern-design-space storage

Look at the picture above! The kitchen is not only very beautiful, but also multifunctional. You have a large space to store all kitchen utensils and have them all at hand when you need it. You can put away fragile plates in cabinets, because there is a wooden support that prevents them from moving and therefore breaking. Look at the picture below. What do you think of the manufacturing material when you see it closely?

Kitchen closely

Pampa-Schiffini-kitchen-modern-design-ceiling lamp

Modern design kitchen

Mesa Schiffini-kitchen-modern-design-color orange

A super chic surface!

Mesa Schiffini-kitchen-modern-design-matereiaux-high-quality wood

Ultra modern kitchen handle

Mesa Schiffini-kitchen-modern-design-space storage

White color design

Mesa Schiffini-kitchen-modern-design-white-color

dark color

Mesa Schiffini-kitchen-modern-design-color-darker

More brilliance in your kitchen area!

Mesa Schiffini-kitchen-modern-design-cabinets oven

Modern design kitchen

Cinquieterre Schiffini-kitchen-modern-design-table-extensible

The kitchen closely

Cinquieterre Schiffini-kitchen-modern-design-materials-pres

A top surface for your modern kitchen!

Cinquieterre Schiffini-kitchen-modern-design-material-stainless

The extractor hood for maximum comfort!

Cinquieterre Schiffini-kitchen-modern-design-hood-extractor

More pics!

Cinquieterre Schiffini-kitchen-modern-design-space storage

Cinquieterre Schiffini-kitchen-modern-design

Modern design kitchen

Cina-Schiffini-kitchen-modern-design-backsplash, stainless steel

The kitchen equipped with a large dining table

Cina-Schiffini-kitchen-modern-design-dining-table-stools Bar

With a marble backsplash




Cina-Schiffini modern kitchen color-dark design

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