Modern kitchen worktop in stone and wood

worktop italian kitchen stone deco wood

How to choose a kitchen worktop modern and what are the materials that one should prefer? Check out tips on this in this article! Today, we present you with a series of images and advice on the choice of the work plan for modern style kitchens, especially for kitchens with work plans in natural materials: wood and stone.

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Kitchen worktop in natural materials: wood and stone

worktop kitchen marble wood furniture

Let's start by looking at the wooden kitchen worktop. It is a material that can adapt and register in all kinds of decoration. The kitchens with modern decor are no exception: the wood harmonizes with modern kitchens wonderfully, regardless of the color and shape of it. Fact, work plans in wood have a look both fresh and classic.

Idea for kitchen worktop in stone and wood

worktop kitchen stone wood furniture

What are the main advantages of this material when used for a kitchen countertop? Among these are its natural appearance that reminds us of the houses where we grew up. Many people like it to look quite natural and the pretty decorations that wood lets us see, even with some scratches caused during meal preparation. In short, wood is a material we love for its soft and pleasant look, able to balance the sometimes too clean lines of modern design kitchens .

Worktop for kitchen in black stone, kitchen One K03 Siloma

modern stone kitchen worktop deco

What are the disadvantages of the wooden kitchen worktop? Worktops are one of the parts of the kitchen that, after the sink, are most often in contact with the water. This also exposes them to mold. Unfortunately, wood is a material that is particularly susceptible to mold and different bacteria that can grow on a workplan which is not maintained properly. For this reason, it requires regular cleaning efforts. It is also advisable to take care of the surface of the wood using oils provided for this purpose. This helps to cover scratches and avoid contact between bacteria that may be there and products that are deposited on the surface of the work plan.

Modern kitchen worktop: idea with stone in dark color

worktop Italian kitchen furniture wood stone

When it comes to stone worktops, marble and granite are often chosen. Like wood, marble is a classic material that has been used in kitchens since ancient times. Today, marble is also associated with a certain glamorous and very chic look. What are the advantages ? We love its shiny appearance and the way it reflects the sun's rays in the kitchen, one of the spaces of the house that requires a lot of light. Elegant, durable and resistant to water and heat, marble is an almost perfect material for decorating the worktop of the kitchen. It is also the type of stone used most often for the professional counters of pastry chefs who spread chocolate to make it cool more quickly. Side disadvantages, the marble is exposed to the tasks, inevitable in a kitchen.

Design kitchen worktop in stone in two shades

white worktop stone kitchens

And why not build a granite kitchen worktop? Like wood, this material fits very well in the modern style decoration. At the base, granite is a hard rock that can take various shades and is composed of a few different elements, including the quarz. Among the advantages of granite kitchen countertops is precisely the variety of nuances that make every kitchen unique. It is a material that resists scratches and water splashes, as well as heat. As for marble, its main drawback is that it is exposed to tasks, so its surface requires specific care. And, now, we invite you to visit our ideas gallery for a modern kitchen worktop in wood or stone.

Modern kitchen with worktop in stone and wood

wood worktop kitchen stones

Kitchen design idea with wood and stone worktop

wood worktop kitchen white stones

Summer kitchen with dark stone worktop

black stone design kitchen worktop

Kitchen with island and worktop in stone and wood

plans work bars kitchen stone wood

Kitchen decoration with stone worktop

deco stone worktop kitchen

Idea kitchen stone and wood worktop

wood worktop kitchen design stone

White kitchen counter in black

worktop wood kitchen white furniture

Black kitchen worktop and wood

worktop black kitchens

Original worktop and pretty marble and wood

worktop marble and wood modern kitchens

Modern kitchen with gray marble worktop

worktop ideas modern kitchens gray marble

Modern kitchen with stone island

worktop stones modern design kitchens central island

Modern kitchen with marble counter

designer kitchens marble worktop

Black stone worktop and modern kitchen

wooden worktops modern kitchens black stones

Modern wood kitchen and gray stone countertop

modern gray kitchen worktop stone wood kitchens

Wood and stone kitchen worktop: Fiamma kitchen by Ged Cucine

modern kitchens wood stone

Marble kitchen worktop

modern marble wood kitchen worktops

Kitchen worktop in light wood

design modern kitchens light wood plane

Modern kitchen and worktop in white marble

work plans modern marble kitchen ideas

Kitchen worktop: modern wooden idea

modern wood kitchen worktops

marble countertop modern kitchens bar

white kitchen with black stone

worktop white kitchen stone furniture

black kitchen plans marble furniture

kitchen marble countertop white furniture

kitchen black countertop white furniture

countertop raw materials kitchen deco

gray kitchen stone worktops white furniture

Kitchen island black marble countertop white

white marble countertops

central kitchen island gray stones work plans

kitchen island marble ideas work plans

kitchens ideas plans islands black marble

work plan kitchen deco island central wood

stone work plans contemporary kitchens black

plans work kitchen islands kitchen white stones

countertop stone design kitchens wood

countertop wood and stone modern kitchens

plans work kitchens wood central islands

central island wooden black kitchens

plans work wood kitchen black stone

plans work ideas kitchens woods

wooden work planes kitchens modern decoration

white kitchen countertop with stones and wood

plans and counters white kitchens and marble

worktops black kitchens color stone

stone plans white kitchens decoration wooden counter

work plan design white kitchens and wood

marble countertops kitchens design bar

black kitchen plans stone bar

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