Modern L-shaped kitchen with island on 108 beautiful photos

kitchen in l large island furniture wood

Are you researching different types of modern kitchen plans? Do you know the benefits of L-shaped kitchen with island? This meal preparation area is characterized by an arrangement of furniture that forms an angle (hence also its name "kitchen angle").

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Modern white L-shaped kitchen with central island

kitchen in l white furniture island modern design

This kind of cooking plan is widespread in contemporary homes. Here it is very popular for a variety of different reasons. In the first place, like almost all classic pieces with two walls forming an angle, this kind of furniture organization is adaptable to practically any interior, whatever their size.

L-shaped kitchen with wood furniture and central island

kitchen l deco contemporary ilot idea furniture wood

Second: it offers different benefits depending on the size of the kitchen. In a small room, it clears the interior space and facilitates the passage. Do you know the triangle of activity rule? It indicates that the sink, refrigerator and hob (as well as the oven) must be located more or less at a distance from each other.

Small L-shaped kitchen with convenient central island

kitchen in small open-space-dining-room-white-paint

Due to its shape, which is just like a triangle, the L-shaped kitchen lends itself very well to such an organization of equipment. And that, even in a small interior!

L-shaped kitchen with central island in white and black, design by leicht

interior design kitchen in l island

In large rooms, the corner kitchen can have various positions. For example, it is possible to add a peninsula and use it as an extra work plan, a dining area or a space where some of the appliances will be installed.

L-shaped kitchen picture with large modern central island

modern L-shaped kitchen interior

As in small kitchens, again, the interior of the room remains free and open to accommodate additional furniture. And precisely, one of the modern versions of the L-shaped kitchen is one that also has a central island . Let's see why this kind of space arrangement is advantageous for a modern home.

Modern design L-shaped kitchen with round central island

round islands modern kitchen l

This type of plan combines the advantages of a classic corner space with those of an extra piece of furniture, the kitchen island. In L-style kitchens, the addition of an island may be more successful than in U-shaped kitchens, for example.

Black and white L-shaped kitchen with center island and dining area

black kitchen ideas modern island

This is so because interior spaces with L-shaped planes may lack enough storage furniture. Or, they might still lack a work plan with sufficient area. The installation of a central island is therefore a good option to increase the storage possibilities and make the circulation in the room easier.

Small L-shaped kitchen with island and bar stools

interior decoration kitchen island angle

Of course, the size of the storage space depends mainly on the size of the island. And as the corner kitchen is usually centered on one part of the room, we can very well consider installing a larger island (double, or with open storage on one side).

What storage space for kitchen island with L-shaped plan?

kitchen in l island-central-deco-wood-storage-open

Such a solution will seduce, on the one hand, those who adore the culinary art and who have many kitchen tools. Extra storage is welcome for their countless bowls, plates, carafes and dishes.

Corner kitchen model with wooden island

open kitchen island model

On the other hand, the layout of such an L-shaped kitchen will also appeal to those who would like to have a space to exhibit their decorative objects. They could arrange storage for their cookbooks, their porcelain or their interesting plate collection.

The L-shaped interior, a versatile and warm kitchen plan

kitchen in l grand-ilot-central-bay-vitree

Another important advantage of this kitchen plan: it is ideal for those who like to organize meals with friends and welcome their loved ones. The installation of a large central island allows owners of such an L-shaped kitchen to host their parties, while preparing an aperitif or a brunch.

Why couples prefer the corner kitchen with central island

kitchen in l modern-island-central-furniture-wood

For the same reason, many families with children opt for such a kitchen plan. Nowadays, the kitchen with bar or central island allows parents to prepare healthy meals while watching the little ones. Thanks to this organization of the interior space, they can talk with their parents or prepare their homework next to mom and dad who take care of dinner.

L-shaped kitchen with touches of bright colors and a small modern central island

small island kitchens

In addition, the presence of such furniture gives owners the opportunity to improve the distribution of different tasks in the kitchen, concentrating some of the work in the space around the block.

L-shaped kitchen open to a dining room with central island in white

open plan kitchen central island

You are seduced by all these advantages and you are already considering adopting this model of space organization in your home? In this case, you are probably wondering how to choose a type of island and its location in a kitchen with L plan.

Corner kitchen design idea with island and hobs

kitchen in l gray-island-central-oven

As with the choice of other equipment, again, you have to take into account your personal preferences and some practical aspects. On the first point, we suggest you look at different island models to build a specific opinion. A good starting point would be the gallery that you will find at the end of this article.

L-shaped kitchen plan with modern island in red

plans kitchen l modern round islands

Regarding the second point, be aware that the location of the island and its shape must correspond to the way you want to use it. An island that is placed close to the rest of the kitchen equipment would naturally be a complement to the workspace.

Modern kitchen plan idea with center island

kitchens central island plan

It can accommodate baking trays or a worktop, thus freeing up the furniture surface in the L-shaped corner. Moreover, leaving enough space between this corner and the island, you will make your kitchen a lot more suitable for a couple in which both partners like to participate in the preparation of meals.

Photo of modern corner kitchen with island

cooking island ideas in l

On the other hand, an island placed in a more distant part of the room will be suitable for the installation of a zone of meal or additional storage.

Modern corner kitchen model with island

deco small kitchens angle modern islands

What about corner kitchen interiors open to a living room or dining room? Again, adding an island can be a good solution because open kitchens in L tend to offer less privacy and expose their users to the eyes of those who are in the annoying space. An island placed between the food preparation area and the living room or dining room will bring you more privacy and serve as a room divider .

White kitchen with L-shaped plan and central island

kitchen island models in L

In modern kitchens, it is not uncommon to see a central island fulfill several functions. Among them, there is also that of the corner of meal or the bar. The kitchen with L-shaped plan is a space especially adapted to an island of this kind.

White kitchen decoration with bar

interior design white kitchen modern design

When arranged in a separate room, L-shaped kitchens often lack enough space for a dining area with table and chairs. Suddenly, the idea of ​​dedicating a part of the work plan of its islet to a corner of meal seems quite reasonable!

Central island idea in modern corner kitchen

central island form modern design kitchen

This is also true for those living in modern small housing. This type of dwelling is sometimes deprived of a separate dining room. This leaves its owners with two options for creating a dining area. The first is to install a dining table in the living room; the second - to turn your island into a dining space.

Small space kitchen with L-shaped plan and modern central island

modern kitchen design ilot deco modern design

It will be understood, the development of a kitchen in L with central island is a modern and very functional choice. Offering a wide range of room organization options, this kitchen plan is suitable for interiors of all sizes. And, in addition, it adapts to a contemporary way of life!

White kitchen idea with modern island and stools

white kitchens island modern design

If you have a room that can house such a kitchen, do not hesitate to bet on this kitchen plan. Accommodate your needs with storage, stools and equipment that you have taken the time to select. You will see, the investment of time and money will be worth it!

White L-shaped kitchen interior with modern central island

kitchen island pictures in white

How do you imagine the decoration of your corner kitchen with modern island? Indulge yourself and consider all the details of your dream home by drawing on the ideas from our picture gallery:

Photo of mini L-shaped kitchen with island and modern bar

idea bar modern kitchen l

Beautiful L-shaped kitchen with large central island

kitchen models in modern style

Blue kitchen with island of modern design

kitchen deco in the central islands

Modern style corner kitchen interior decoration

interior decoration kitchens modern angles

Open kitchen design with L-shaped plan

pictures cooking in l island peninsula

Kitchen with modern design, L-shaped plan and central island in black

pictures ilots modern white kitchen

White kitchen: modern interior model with central island

deco island modern kitchens angle

Kitchen island of modern design in L

modern island design corner kitchens

L-shaped kitchen island idea

kitchen island l deco interior modern

Kitchen interior layout with center island and L-shaped plan

kitchen idea l modern decoration

Modern kitchen island in L

modern wood kitchen central island

Corner kitchen of modern design with island

modern islands kitchen angle

Modern style wooden kitchen: decoration with central island

ideas kitchen island deco wood

Modern decorating idea with central island and corner kitchen

wooden island modern kitchen in L

L-shaped kitchen ideas with modern islands

kitchen deco idea in modern deco island

Landscaping with island and corner kitchen

ideas island kitchen plan angle

Kitchen deco in L and island of modern style

decoration ideas kitchens islands

deco kitchens in l island decorationmodern

image modern kitchen white island

kitchen arrangement in l modern contemporary island

black color kitchen l gray island

designer corner kitchen design

island modern wood kitchen decoration

deco island modern kitchen

interior decoration kitchen l modern island

ideas open kitchen separation

small white kitchen island modern design

kitchen plan in central island

shape kitchens angle islands modern design

peninsula kitchen island angle

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open kitchen corner decoration with island

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color modern kitchen ilotcentral

kitchens in wood island

gray kitchen color modern plane in l

color painting gray kitchen modern islands

kitchen bar in modern style

kitchen colors in modern islands

large open kitchen island

peninsula kitchen in l black island

kitchen plans in the modern central island

cooking in l island separation

separation space kitchen in l modern

modern kitchen island

color kitchen island modern kitchen

kitchen model island in l

cooking in modern islands

form kitchen wood central island

kitchen ideas deco island bars

interior color modern kitchen island

kitchen bars in modern design

central island contemporary kitchen in l

contemporary decoration kitchen in wood island

white kitchen contemporary island

island kitchen modern deco

kitchen bar and central island

modern island kitchen deco

interior decoration minimalist kitchen

black kitchen corner bar

deco nature corner kitchen

kitchen design corner central modern island

kitchen dangle white islands

deco ilots modern white kitchen

deco wood kitchen angle

kitchen corner dangle

kitchen island angle wood

beautiful cuisines design ilot

open kitchen picture in the open

interior design deco contemporary design kitchen

landscaping kitchen l

kitchen corner bar

kitchen central island layout

kitchen island layout modern style

corner kitchen island layout

island design Scandinavian kitchens

kitchen plans central island

kitchen deco wood central islands

ideas modern kitchen furnishings

kitchen in l island plan plan

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