Modern modular house: aesthetic and functional

contemporary modular house photo

The modular home is a versatile and transportable type of construction that can meet various needs according to the wishes of its owners. Until recently, the aesthetic aspect of these constructions was often neglected.

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But today, we are witnessing the birth of new generation modular homes that are both beautiful and practical. This publication will introduce you to 3 companies that make this kind of modern buildings.

Modular Modern Style Home: LoftCube by Studio Aisslinger

modular house manufacturers

This house is called LoftCube and it was designed by Studio Aisslinger. It is a perfect example of the contemporary modular constructions discussed above. Not only is it characterized by its remarkable architecture, but it is also easily adaptable to any type of environment. LoftCube is most certainly an example of manufacturers' new approach to modular homes.

Modular House by Vipp Shelter

modern design modular house plans

Vipp Shelter is a space for relaxation and retirement modern style that was made of steel. The house was created by the Danish company Vipp, which specializes in working with this solid material for 75 years. Since this building is the work of a Nordic manufacturer, it is not surprising to see that it represents all that is typical for the Scandinavian design : a remarkable harmony between beauty and functionality.

Small modular house made for Muji

modern modular cobstructions

This small modular house was designed by Konstantin Grcic, Jasper Morrison and Naoto Fukusawa on behalf of Muji. It fits into the category of contemporary modular homes by reflecting a minimalist design of construction whose purpose is to adapt to the outdoor decor and coexist gracefully with nature. Here are the rest of our photos of beautiful modular homes:

Modern modular house installation

modern construction modular homes

Prefabricated house building of modern style

modern prefab house construction

Interior of prefabricated contemporary construction

contemporary interior prefabricated constructions

Modular house: interior design

interior decoration modular home design

Architecture and design: modular house by Vipp

architecture construction modular homes

Modular construction of contemporary house

modular construction company contemporary houses

prefabricated modular house construction

modular house layout

Prefabricated house construction

interior decoration modular buildings

modular house plan

prefabricated house wooden construction

small modular prefabricated house

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