Modern office connecting urban man to nature

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This modern office was designed by the creator Heinrik Ng Chak Kwan . It was manufactured as an answer to the life of the contemporary urban man and his loss of connection with nature.

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The idea of ​​this design office is to reintroduce the natural world outside the city into the urban environment. The surface of office , carefully designed, is an imitation of the natural landscape. The desk is for sale with small boards of various sizes that can be placed directly on the desk surface (example below) so that the user is free to choose the office layout according to his needs. These planks are indeed "the layers of the earth" and they mimic the structure of the earth's crust. Finally, this office aims to remind urban residents of the human impact on nature. A beautiful metaphor: the Earth is present (the office) and the man freely installs his tools (the boards) on top. Today, it is important to make as many people as possible aware of the importance of environmental problems that tend to worsen more and more each day ...

Modern Office by Heinrik Ng Chak Kwan: ​​Man and Nature

modern office stone interior design object design Heinrik Ng Chak Kwan

The office imitates the earth's crust

modern office design stone idea arrange space work

This design project aims to educate the urban man about ecological problems and the human impact on the planet

office modern design stone idea furniture modern contemporary design

Small boards laid on the "Earth": a beautiful metaphor

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