Modern outdoor kitchen: ideas and design tips

outdoor kitchen ideas deco

The kitchen is, without a doubt, the heart of the house where the whole family gathers to spend good times around delicious meals. But to be able to create this atmosphere outside, you need a little more than a table and plastic chairs.

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Have a outdoor kitchen allows you to prepare food while staying close to your guests on your terrace or in the garden without having to go inside all the time. The most important thing for the outdoor kitchen is to make it comfortable and durable. In this article, you will find several ideas and tips how to decorate and decorate your outdoor kitchen .

Modern outdoor kitchen decorated in stone and wood

outdoor kitchen wood stone

The kitchen layout outside requires appropriate materials. Exterior kitchen surfaces must be strong enough and durable to withstand the weather conditions in your area. Opt for solid materials such as stainless steel, stone, slate, tile or stucco. Make sure the kitchen surfaces you choose are recommended for outdoor use. If you want to cook on a wooden deck, make sure the construction can support the weight of the kitchen.

Outdoor kitchen of contemporary deco

contemporary outdoor kitchen deco

Outside kitchen planning is just as important as kitchen planning indoors. Opt for a handy barbecue, an elegant and practical kitchen surface, but do not forget the storage furniture. Other items needed for the outdoor kitchen are trash, storage baskets for towels, glasses and plates.

Modern outdoor kitchen decoration

elegant design outdoor kitchen

Cooking in an outdoor kitchen is a great way to enjoy the sun, fresh air, and vegetables and herbs in your garden. In case you do not have a vegetable garden, you can still enjoy the vegetable season. Place some pots with the herbs you are using, as well as tomatoes or peppers near your cooking space to have them on hand when you prepare your meals.

Stone outdoor kitchen with barbecue

outdoor kitchen design stone

To maximize the time and time you can spend using your kitchen outdoors, you need to think about installing lighting at various levels. Install ceiling lights above the dining table or barbecue. A ceiling fan with light fixtures will help you move the air and make your outdoor space more enjoyable for you and your guests.

Small outdoor kitchen with wrought iron furniture

outdoor kitchen wrought iron

Before you start designing your kitchen outdoors, you must first think about the surfaces and appliances you will need. Then you can start planning kitchen design without losing sight of these elements. A built-in niche in a wall, for example, is a great place to store your barbecue when you're not using it.

Outdoor kitchen with center island in original shape

outdoor kitchen island stone

Most outdoor kitchens do not have a lot of storage space. That's why small appliances are a perfect choice for this type of space. The easy cleaning of your kitchen is another very important factor. Opt for an easy-to-maintain floor covering like tiling, for example. And since this is an outdoor area, avoid smooth, slippery surfaces. Here are some examples of modern outdoor kitchens in pictures:

Modern kitchen decoration outside

outdoor kitchen modern decoration

Kitchen decorating idea outside

modern outdoor kitchen

Modern kitchen outside decorated in neutral colors

modern outdoor kitchen deco

outside kitchen bar

outside kitchen deco

deco outside kitchen color

outside kitchen deco stainless steel

outdoor kitchen Moroccan deco

outside kitchen original deco

outside kitchen original design

outdoor cooking idee deco

outside kitchen idee decoration

outdoor kitchen modern idea

modern outdoor kitchen

modern outdoor kitchen stone

outside kitchen stone wood

outdoor kitchen stone wood design

outdoor kitchen wood terrace

outdoor kitchen terrace modern wood

outdoor kitchen barbecue idea

outdoor kitchen bar modern

outdoor kitchen wood design

outdoor kitchen decoration stone

outdoor kitchen contemporary design

modern design outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen design terrace

outdoor kitchen idee deco

outdoor kitchen idee design

modern outdoor kitchen barbecue

outdoor kitchen modern stone

outdoor kitchen glass walls

modern outdoor pergola kitchen

outdoor kitchen small idea

small modern outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen terrace wood

modern outdoor kitchen decoration

outdoor kitchen decoration stone

idea kitchen deco outside

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