Modern Paris loft by architect Maxime Jansens

loft paris contemporary interior deco

Since we know how much you love architecture and interior design, in today's article we will present you a beautiful loft Paris which was designed by architect Maxime Jensens in 2014.

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As the title suggests, this private home is located in Paris. It is a loft with an original and modern design that corresponds to the way of life of its inhabitants.

Paris loft with modern industrial style decoration

loft paris deco modern kitchen

The structure of loft Paris represents a former craft workshop, located in a beautiful courtyard. The two patios that the structure had at the base were covered by roof windows which erases the border between the outside and the inside. Inside, the spaces are lit mainly by these roof windows and have few windows to the outside. The two child rooms, for example, have no windows and are lit only from the glass walls.

Decoration of the loft kitchen

loft paris design kitchen

And since the owners wanted to live in an open plan space, the architect did very little splitting and used as many transparent walls as possible. The architecture offered a lot of free space for both rooms, so it was decided to hide the bathroom behind the two rooms. This cleared the space under the windows to play and work. The reduced budget was the cause of lmiter big work and focus on finishing. The goal was to choose quality materials that accentuate the character of this modern loft. Contemplate the photos, chosen especially for you:

Loft dining room with wooden table

loft paris dining room

Deco loft with open space living room

loft paris deco salon

Decoration of the workspace

loft paris deco interior workspace

Modern workspace with stone wall decor

loft paris wall deco stone

Loft interior decoration with roof windows

loft paris idee deco workspace

Decoration of the adult bedroom

loft paris deco bedroom

Minimalist style adult bedroom

loft paris deco minimalist room

loft paris interior deco modern

deco loft roof windows

deco loft child room wood

deco loft modern bathroom

deco bathroom industrial design

paris loft construction plan

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