Modern penthouse, designed by Apical Reform and located in India

penthouse modern design interior design

This penthouse - word used to describe a apartment with terrace in English and recently introduced in French - is designed by the company Apical Reform. It is located in Ahmedabad, India.

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Its futuristic and minimalist design impresses. Let's discover it in pictures ...

Modern Penthouse and Design, Designed by Apical Reform and Located in India

penthouse modern design landscaping interior architecture

The kitchen of this penthouse includes a semi-central island, its design is always very clean and futuristic.

penthouse design modern kitchen landscap island design

The dominant colors in this beautiful interior are certainly white and gray, but in different shades.

Furniture and decoration in different shades of gray and white

penthouse design interior design futuristic design

The social zone is open and spacious. The salon and the dining room share the same room and connect by the same false ceiling of futuristic design and light gray color that can be seen in the picture below:

The false ceiling in the living room and dining room is futuristic design

penthouse penthouse-design

We find the same decorative detail of false ceiling on one of the cupboards placed in the dining room below the mystical painting hanging on the wall on the left:

The dining room is furnished with a large table lacquered in light gray


The kitchen is sleek design, also designed in gray and white. It has a large work plan and several closets practical storage.

The kitchen is furnished with furniture in faded gray

penthouse modern kitchen gray furniture lighting idea design

Detail of the stairs


The staircase leads to the second floor where the bedroom is located


Elegant staircase of sophisticated design


On the second floor is the bedroom. There, we find a new color that is present in small keys on the first floor. The wall decoration is very interesting: a mosaic of several small and large objects hanging on the wall.

The bedroom


And finally, the terrace ... What is an apartment without terrace? It is sure it is not a penthouse!

Large terraces are always dreaming ...


Apical Reform is a design studio located in India and founded by two creators Amrish Patel and Darshan Soni. They make the imaginable possible ...

The general architectural plan

penthouse design architectural plan

The first floor

design modern architecture interior design idea

The second floor

modern penthouse architecture trendy design

The details

contemporary architecture blueprint

The plan from the outside

space design modern idea design interior design

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