Modern Pergola: Ideas and Tips for the Summer Pergola Deco

idea pergola modern tonelle swimming pool garden

The modern pergola is the perfect addition for all gardens and outdoor spaces. The pergolas are easy to maintain and resist the heat of summer and warm climates - no matter if you are in the south of France or the Caribbean.

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If you already have a pergola that you want to decorate or redecorate for the outdoors, in this article you will find many very interesting ideas.

Modern pergola in garden with swimming pool

modern pergola landscaping terrace pool design

Decorate your pergola with ornamental lights is a great idea, especially if you plan to organize dinners under the stars. The lights will make your modern pergola even more beautiful, no matter if you use light garlands or decorative lanterns. And if you want to create an atmosphere as if you were in Hawaii, use colorful lights around the beams of the pergola to illuminate it. In case you prefer dimly lit and elegant lights, emphasize colorless fixtures, candles and some white lanterns to create a soft, romantic atmosphere.

Modern design garden with pergola

modern pergola decor modern terraces

The pergolas are a perfect place for your party or have dinner outside in the summer. Your pergola can take the form of a green space if you decorate it with climbing plants and flowers. The green plants will create shade and your pergola will become a comfortable place and refresh for your guests and you, even during the heat wave. And the flowers will give color to the decoration of your beautiful pergola in summer.

Decorative idea of ​​modern wooden pergola

modern pergola tonelle outdoor design pool

But to feel really good and comfortable while sitting in your pergola, you also think of the decor of the ground. There are several flooring options for pergolas, specially designed for outdoor use. Opt for Spanish tiles if you want a Mediterranean-style decor or stone tiles for greater durability. The floor covering will help you to define the space well and will make the pergola even more welcoming, creating a solid foundation for your indoor furniture.

Small wooden pergola decoration

modern pergola swimming pool terrace

The furniture for your pergola is another way to make a beautiful and comfortable decoration. Opt for treated furniture to withstand rain, heat, dust, sun is the other climatic effects. Your furniture must be solid and practical, without taking up too much space in your pergola. Allow enough room for easy movement inside the pergola. Wicker and bamboo are widely used materials for garden furniture, but wrought iron and solid wood are also a very good choice.

Garden layout idea with pergola

modern pergola contemporary deco

As for accessories for your modern pergola, you can decorate it with light curtains to protect the space and furniture from the strong sun when it's really hot. The decorative cushions, draperies and blankets will make the sofa even more inviting and comfortable. The statues and vases placed in the corners will add depth and will create an even more original decor. And if you build a fireplace in one of the corners or the center of the pergola, you will have a very beautiful decorative element and you will be able to use your pergola even when it is not so hot anymore. There are so many options to create a beautiful and modern outdoor space, just choose the accessories you like and mobilize, if only a little, your creativity. Here are some images to use as inspiration:

Pergola design with modern furniture

contemporary pergola contemporary design furniture

Outdoor kitchen decor with pergola

modern pergola outdoor kitchen

Contemporary wooden pergola decoration

landscaping pergola wood idea

Pergola decoration with resin furniture

deco pergola wood idea

Design pool with pergola and sun loungers

deco pergola wood swimming pool

deco pergola design fireplace

deco pergola modern design

deco small pergola design

modern woods perdola decoration

modern design pergola decoration

modern pergola chimney decoration

modern concrete deco pergola idea

idea deco pergola design

pergola decoration

pergola alu garden idea

decoration pergola electric fireplace

minimalist wooden pergola design

pergola wood jacuzzi garden

pergola modern original design

original design garden pergola

modern pergola deco wood

modern pergola alu design

pergola modern wood garden

modern pergola wood stone

modern pergola design fireplace

modern pergola deco flowers

modern pergola interior deco

modern pergola contemporary design

modern minimalist design pergola

modern pergola decoration

pergola modern garden pool

modern wooden house pergola

modern pergola designer furniture

modern pergola curtains deco

modern pergola decorative curtains

modern pergola wooden terrace

modern pergola roofing glass

interior deco pergola furniture

modern pergola ideas deco

modern pergola pool house

pergola modern garden design

modern pergola idee deco

modern pergola wood decoration

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