Modern pool terrace: 99 furnishing and decoration ideas

terrace pool design ideas

The pool terrace is one of the most spectacular ways to decorate your outdoor space by creating a refreshing holiday atmosphere. And since summer is already here and it's hot outside, spend pleasant moments on the terrace with pool is a great way to welcome this new season.
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Today, we have decided to devote this article to those who want to develop a new pool terrace or simply redecorate the old.

Pool terrace of interesting design

pool terrace original modern design

All the decorating ideas and photos you will find in this article will certainly inspire you, no matter if you want a large or a small pool on your terrace. You can opt for a wooden deck theme or, why not, for a terrace of minimalist design in concrete. In any case, it is very important to pay attention to small details and decorative elements since they are the ones that will make all the difference. Leave room for an outdoor dining table is a possibility that you may need to consider when you build your pool.

Swimming pool terrace of contemporary design

pool terrace original design

Modern design is one of the favorite designs for those wishing to build a terrace with a pool. Below you will find many pictures with modern pools that can serve as inspiration. The two most important elements for the terrace modern are the colorful decoration and privacy. Think of elegant, comfortable outdoor furniture in bright colors and tall fences that will provide you with intimate moments when you want to spend time alone or with your family. The combination of a classic house and a contemporary pool is also a very good idea. Do not forget the sun loungers! They will make your decor around the pool even more elegant and comfortable.
Modern house with pool terrace

contemporary design pool terrace

You can also arrange a terrace with swimming pool that will be like out of fairy tales. Often English gardens come to mind first. What characterizes the English design terraces are the carved bushes and the green nature of their decoration. Give shape to your bushes, opt for an iron railing and a boxwood fence and you will have the English garden of your dreams. Other characteristic elements of English gardens are decorative statues and fountains.
Exotic decoration of terrace with swimming pool

pool deck design wood

Plants are another great way to decorate the space around your pool. If you want to create a holiday feeling and if your climate allows it, go for palm trees. In case you do not have trees or palm trees in your garden, some plants or flowers in pots are also a very nice alternative. Choose design pots in colors that you like and follow with your outdoor decoration.
English style pool terrace

terrace swimming pool decoration plants

And even though plants work wonders, the use of natural stone and concrete is also a very good choice. You may think, first of all, that it is difficult to decorate with stone, but this is not entirely true. Sometimes you simply have to place large pieces of stone near the pool to create an extraordinary decoration. It's unexpected and it will help you define the space.
Terrace layout with rectangular shaped pool

terrace pool deco plants

Depending on the size and shape of your garden, the pool can be customized. So, if your have a rectangular terrace and long enough, opt for a swimming pool that will have almost the same shape and will instead remind a bathtub. Simple designs and shapes are often the best choice for small spaces and especially if you want to create a modern outdoor space.
Contemporary deco patio idea

outdoor deco pool terrace

And in case you have a little more space on your terrace, you can very well opt for a more dramatic look. Build a pool of original shape or why not a little retro. The rectangular shape will help you create a charming retro and vintage look. The round pool is also a very good idea. Do not forget to illuminate your pool at night to have a beautiful exotic decor during your dinners outside.
Nice picture of terrace with swimming pool

terrace swimming pool contemporary deco

The decorative elements in the pools also work miracles. So, if you have a simple shaped pool, the best way to decorate it is by adding a waterfall design. The waterfall in the pool will help you create a spa feeling outside or, why not, an exotic oasis in the desert. Be creative and turn your pool into the central element of your home decor.
Terrace with swimming pool and modern furniture

deck pool deck chair design

To have a beautiful pool terrace, sometimes just a few comfortable furniture, green plants, a stone border and you'll have the garden you've always dreamed of. When you choose the design of your outdoor area with pool , do not forget to consider its function. Are you going to use the space for parties and parties around the pool with a lot of guests? Maybe some design lounge chairs will suffice to make your terrace both modern and practical. Go, do not waste time and see these beautiful pictures of exceptional pools! You will certainly find at least one idea that you like!
Wooden deck layout with pool

terrace pool deco sun loungers

Terrace decoration idea with swimming pool

modern swimming pool deco

Modern pool decoration with palm trees

swimming pool deco palm trees

Minimalist deco of terrace with swimming pool

swimming pool contemporary decoration

Swimming pool decorated with sun loungers

swimming pool modern decoration

Ultra modern terrace with swimming pool

deco swimming pool terrace

Large terrace with rectangular shaped pool

elegant design swimming pool

Irregular shaped pool with fountain

landscaping pool fountain design

swimming pool original shape

large size swimming pool

swimming pool deco

pool design idee design

swimming pool modern design

swimming pool terrace

modern swimming pool terrace

deco garden modern pool

deco waterfall pool photo

photo pool deco plants

photo contemporary design pool

photo modern design pool

photo pool design plants

photo pool idee deco

photo swimming pool modern terrace

photo pool exotic plants

photo pool terrace wood

photo swimming pool ultra modern terrace

photo pool idee deco

terrace pool idee deco

terrace with wood pool

terrace with pool cascades

terrace with pool deco wood

terrace with pool deco lounge chairs

terrace with contemporary deco pool

terrace with pool exotic deco

terrace with Moroccan deco pool

terrace with minimalist deco pool

terrace with modern deco pool

terrace with pool decoration

terrace with pool decoration deck chairs

terrace with deco statue pool

terrace with design pool

terrace with contemporary design pool

terrace with interesting design pool

terrace with original design pool

terrace with pool idee deco

terrace with minimalist pool

terrace with modern pool

terrace with palm trees pool

terrace with pergola pool

terrace with small pool

terrace with wooden platform pool

terrace with pool pots plants

terrace with rectangular pool

terrace with ultra modern pool

pool terrace concrete beton

modern wood pool terrace

terrace swimming pool deco amenagement

terrace pool deco stones

pool terrace wood decoration

terrace swimming pool decoration idea

ultra modern deco pool terrace

terrace pool green deco

terrace swimming pool deco zen

contemporary design pool terrace

interesting pool terrace design

pool terrace modern design

ultra modern design pool terrace

terrace pool irregular shape

pool terrace rectangular shape

swimming pool terrace modern rectangular shape

large pool terrace

pool terrace idee deco

pool terrace idea decoration

terrace long pool deco

terrace pool modern furniture

pool terrace designer furniture

pool terrace pergola wood

pool terrace exotic plants

terrace pool pots flowers

terrace pool poufs deco

English style pool terrace

pool terrace Mediterranean style

terrace pisine elegant decoration

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