Modern sofa: 75 models for a trendy living room

modern sofa idea design living room living room

If it is an indispensable piece of furniture for a successful salon decoration it's the sofa. You can choose yours with our 75 modern sofa images. The sofa is one of the most important furniture in the living room.

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It occupies a central place in the room and is often visible from two or even three sides (if not everywhere, in cases where it is arranged in the middle of the living room). It is also an element of the furniture which has a rather imposing size, which makes that it attracts the eyes of any person who enters the room. And, of course, it is also the furniture on which we spend a good part of our time, day and evening.

Modern sofa: an essential piece of furniture for successful living room deco

modern sofa upholstery living room small space

For all these reasons, it is essential to choose a sofa that is not only comfortable but can be a central part of your home decor. Let's see what are the latest trends in the world of making this type of furniture and what you need to look for if you want to find the right modern sofa for your living room.

Modern sofa: what are the trends in colors?

modern sofa living room Scandinavian design

In terms of colors, we see two major trends that dominate the field of sofa design. The first is the furniture of neutral hues, such as white, beige, grey , the black and the mole. The advantage of these models is that they adapt without difficulty to all interiors, regardless of the color of the room and the style of the rest of the furniture. Those who plan to buy a sofa in this range of shades should think about acquiring interesting accessories to complete the look of their furniture. The cushions and throws of bright colors or contrasting colors will emphasize the beauty of sofas of this type. These accessories are also an easy and effective way to change the appearance of the room from time to time.

Modern sofa: trendy colors and harmonization with the shades in the living room

modern sofa living room italian design

The other category is furniture in bright colors, such as red, orange, yellow and green. These pieces of furniture will be good additions to living rooms that are otherwise dominated by neutral or dark colors and that need some daring or dynamic hints. If you are tempted by furniture of this kind, try not to accumulate other accessories of such strong color to preserve a relaxed and elegant atmosphere in the living room.

Modern sofa: what shapes and styles of living room furniture?

small sofas deco contemporary living room

As for the shapes of the sofas, the trends are in the direction of simple lines inspired by Scandinavian design and contemporary style. This basic rule has exceptions, however. For example, among the furniture in our collection of images, you will also find modern models inspired by vintage decoration, with wooden elements richly decorated with floral motifs. These pieces of furniture are not meant for everyone: they will suit those who prefer baroque deco and luxury interiors. You can opt for a sofa of this type if you gladly accept touches of vintage decor in the interior of your home.

Modern sofa: interesting surfaces and upholstery

sofa modern furniture living room interior design

In addition to the original shapes, the designers also offer sofas made of interesting fabrics. Thus, alongside furniture with a comfortable and smooth surface, there are currently classic padded models and surfaces made by means of various quilting techniques which bring a more interesting air to the upholstery.

Example of modern corner sofa for living room

canapes design gray living room industrial style

These are the big trends in sofa design right now. Our collection of images will give you the opportunity to see examples through photos of branded furniture from European and international designer collections and manufacturers. These include sofas and sofas by Tacchini Italia, La Cividina, Bonalpo, Giovannetti, Cor, Calia Italia, Moroso, Deadgood, Edra, Anderssen and Voll, Berto, Ligne Roset, Missoni Home, Polart, Dixon , Oak Industria, Selva, Dare Studio, Auqua Creations, Roche Bobois , Patricia Urquiola and many others. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see our entire selection of models and choose the one you like the most:

Neutral color modern sofa for small space

modern deco trends Italian design sofa

Modern sofa in neutral color and wood

black sofa furniture modern design living room furniture

Sofa in bold shades for indoor or outdoor deco

modern interior sofa outdoor decoration

Modern sofa idea for living room

ideas sofa color trend salon deco

Trendy color for contemporary sofa

contemporary design sofa furniture

Modern design sofa: bright color idea

furniture sofas interieur moderne amenagement

Small modern sofa for living room with interesting upholstery fabric

living room ideas sofa modern design deco

Modern Corner Sofa for Neutral Color Lounge

image modern living rooms canape angle

Sofa design and trendy living room deco

living room decoration sofas soft comfortable furniture

Modern sofas for home interior decoration

interior design modern design Italian sofa

Modern leather design sofa: a classic furniture for men's interiors

modern furniture black sofa black living room

Small padded sofa in blue

interior furniture small interior design sofas

Sofa in gray and design armchair for living room of soft colors

small sofa amenagement gray living room

Mini sofa in shades of red and feminine corner of living room corner

small comfortable sofa studio modern deco idea

Modern living room with trendy yellow sofa

brands modern sofa decor living room

Modern interior: original sofa in dark shades and armchairs in mustard yellow

furniture living room armchair decor modern sofa

Modern design sofa for those who love neutral colors

furniture living room design idee modern decoration

Modern style sofa with cushions

living room furniture Italian design sofa

Modern style corner sofa

modern furniture salon tenance deco

Small sofa in yellow for modern design living room

furniture living room sofa yellow modern decoration

Modern furniture for living room decoration

interior design living room sofa design armchairs

Modern design furniture for trendy living room interior design

furniture sofa living room living room modern sofa

Modern upholstered sofa for living room luxury deco

sofa upholsters living room deco luxury furniture

living room decor furniture modern sofa

large corner sofa modern living room

canapes color taupe living room modern style

canape taupe painting living room decoration

small sofa modern decoration sofa

modern sofa italy decor living room interior design

modern design sofa contemporary living room furniture

canapes salon leather interior deco trend

canape nordic style home furnishings

sofa living room decor modern idee sofa

canape vintage style living room interior decoration

modular sofa idea living room modern home deco

italian sofa modular furniture modern living room

modern interior sofa trend decoration

red canapes amenagement small living room

modern sofa trend decoration living room

modern sofa upholstered idee decoration living room

idea sofa modern living room deco original

modern sofa furniture trend padded

modern sofa idea living room

compact sofa convertible studio

italian canapes decoration modern living room

indoor sofa industrial style living room

sofa design-vintage-object-deco-original-ideas

luxury deco living room design sofas

Italian sofa contemporary living room decoration

contemporary sofas furniture living room

corner sofa taupe small space

canape interior corner modern living room

mustard color modern corner sofa

living room upholstery contemporary wood sofa

living room sofa comfortoble angle

comfortable sofa model living room storage

canape beige angular modern amenity

leather sofa living room contemporary style

brand sofa leather ideas living room

furniture canape leather italian living room deco

contemporary sofa living room black

comfortable sofa modern living room

deco trend furniture living room

canapes upholstery plush living room luxurious decoration

sofa furniture capitonnes contemporary interior decoration

canape white color living room idee decor modern

sofa 4 people living room modern interior amenagement

sofa 2 people design modern living room

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