Modern, stylish and zen bedrooms

bedroom decoration wall frames frames idea idea table wood design deco plant

The bedroom is a place of relaxation and relaxation: it is the Zen oasis of our place of life. For this reason, its interior must be welcoming and comfortable so that we can make the most of our moment of relaxation.

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How to create a space that is welcoming and functional at the same time? Here are 25 great examples bedrooms furnished in an elegant and comfortable way. Discover them and find inspiration to create your unique and personalized bedroom interior.

Modern bedrooms with harmonious and warm atmosphere

bedroom design interior design armchair space reading wall decoration lamp

If your bedroom is large and allows it, consider creating a rest and reading area. You can arrange it with armchairs , cushions and even with a sofa. If you like to read and have a library, put a chair or soft chair next to it.

Bedroom with rest and reading area

bedroom design chair gray modern stool cushions lighting fixtures hanging frame wall

There is often a tendency to neglect the storage space. Remember that it is part of the decor and therefore it is important that it matches the furniture and decor of the room. You do not necessarily need to create a hidden space, it can be visible and in harmony with the rest of the scenery. Create a stylish and stylish storage space.

Bedroom with storage and library

bedrooms design bed headboard sofa armchair bookcase design original room

To decorate is to create a personalized and unique interior. If you like art, do not forget to put some pictures on the wall. For even more personalized wall decor, try making pretty compositions with photographs of your friends and family. Play with colors and shapes.

Elegant bedroom

bedroom armchair design cushions modern floor mats bookcase lighting fixture suspension design curtains

Textures are one of the key elements of a well-appointed and decorated bedroom. To create a warm and cozy atmosphere, put rugs on the floor, cushions with colorful patterns and elegant curtains. You can create your cushions yourselves .

Bedroom decorated with cushions

bedrooms modern design idea decoration wall frame bed armchair white cushions modern deco frames

Often, the bedrooms are arranged in neutral or light colors. If you have a rather minimalist interior, it is advisable to add color by putting some expressive accents on your walls or elsewhere.

Room with accents in blue and red

bedroom design floor mats blue striped cushions modern wall decor red shelves

Bedroom furnished with floor mats and lots of cushions: harmony in blue

bedrooms modern design white floor rug with fireplace pattern deco mantel mantel

Bedroom with interior in gray

decoration bedroom idea bouquet flowers bed cushions modern deco table design sofa gray cushions

bedroom design headboard quilted design cushions arrangement deco idea wood design coffee table wood

bedrooms design armchair gray floor rug modern interior fireplace wall decoration bed cushions pink

wall decoration bedroom design cushion blue yellow design wooden table deco frame black and white floor mat

wall decoration bedroom idea design bed modern furniture white wood design lamp deco idea armchair cushions

armchairs bedroom idea space reading design storage modern furniture wood bed deco cushions mirror

wall decor bedroom beds quilted headboard cushions modern wall frames round mirror

mirror sun design headboard quilted design modern throw pillows in blue curtains blue white design coffee table wood deco flowers

modern bedrooms design wall decoration frame lamp design wooden table office room idea

headboard bedroom quilted idea decor curtains bedroom design plant

bedroom design wood modern shelves storage wood design floor mats beige gray curtains window ottoman cushions

bedroom design modern headboard floor mats black and white beige armchair decoration blackboard curtains

headboard idea bedroom design stool arrangement shelves library

bedrooms idea wall decoration mirror floor rug bed design wall deco frame

original wall decoration design bedroom modern lighting fixture suspension cabinet wood design armchair black

bedroom design wallpaper white gray modern deco table frame bunch of flowers floor rug design coffee table

bedroom idea layout design bed modern cushions frames chalkboard chair furniture wood

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