Modern tiles: the word of the designers

modern tile wall kitchen

Tiles come in many sizes, sizes, patterns and colors. Small or big tiles? Classic white or a design tile? The proposals are varied and you can easily find the tiles that best suits your interior and your tastes.

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Its great advantage is easy maintenance compared to other floor coverings (such as wooden flooring) that require maintenance and special products. The modern tile now imitates the most used materials such as wood, concrete, stone, marble and others. What are the most stylish trend tiles? Here are 55 examples of tiled floors from the modern interiors of bathroom, living room, kitchen, toilet, bedroom and entrance. Get inspiration from the tips and ideas of contemporary designers!

Modern tile with 3D effect

modern tile 3d tiles

Tiling enhances the style and decor of your inside . Tiling is one of the starting points in interior design. This is one of the first things to install in a room before placing furniture and decorating it. It is, therefore, essential for the atmosphere and style you want to create. If you have already chosen how and with which furniture to furnish your room, it will be easier for you to choose an appropriate tile. On the other hand, if you are still not sure which style to favor, it is advisable to opt for a neutral tiling and then add decorative elements and touches of colors to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Modern tile for luxurious interior

modern tile bathroom wall 3d

The most important thing is to create a harmonious atmosphere without too much colors , motifs and decoration. If you want an original interior, a strange invention is the 3D effect tile. Interesting and original, it creates a feeling of dynamism. It makes the space more open. For a contemporary style it is better to opt for very light or very sober colors. Tiles in yellow, orange, red, purple are rarely present in modern interior design. The best is to choose a color in the palette white, gray, black. Indoor tiles with an imitation effect are very trendy. Large tiles create the impression of wider space.

Modern patterned tile geometric

tiling design idea floor modern triangle wall deco modern

Here is a triangular tile that mixes white, beige, blue and dark brown. This type of tile is a decoration in itself. Choosing a similar tile means matching it with the rest of the room's decor. Preferably, avoid other objects with geometric patterns, you risk making the atmosphere tense.

Modern black and white tile "Chess Games"

idea black and white tile entrance hallway mirror wooden cabinet

Here is an entrance with black and white checkered tiles, imitating a chessboard. This type of tile may be suitable for a minimalist interior with wooden furniture. In the example above, it is placed in the entry. In general, it is a space with little furniture. This tile is then a very good choice to create a little atmosphere in this empty space.

Original white tile ideal for Scandinavian-inspired interior

white tile entrance idea chair wood design interior modern

Here is a Scandinavian-inspired interior furnished in a minimalist style. The choice here is for a white and original tiling. It perfectly matches the design wooden chair.

White tile: classic and modern at the same time

modern tile white idea kitchen wall floor coverings

Hoping that you will find our gallery interesting and inspiring, we wish you a good visit!

Modern style tile for flooring

modern carelage coating interior floor

Modern bathroom accent wall with original tile

modern carving coating walls interior design

Modern tiles in black and white

modern tile living room idea black and white wooden table

Tiles for modern wall cladding and luxury deco

indoor tiling deco idea wall covering tiling modern bathroom

Modern interior with accent wall and tiles with 3D effect

idea living room golden tile original 3D effect interior design

White and blue checkered tile perfect for modern kitchen

tile design kitchen idea modern interior design

Black tile with 3D effect

bathroom ceramic tile 3D effect black

Modern interior in a house in Kuala Lumpur

interior design modern sofa black leather chair wood brown wall chart

Small tile floor tile idea for the shower enclosure

bathroom tile idea original design modern italian shower

Two different types of white tiles with nice graphic effect

modern interior layout design idea tile white black deco bathtub idea

White tile with some tiles in different colors for interesting decorative effect

modern tile bathroom idea toilet floor mats orange shower bathtub

White and classic tile perfect for minimalist-inspired interiors

arrangement kitchen idea wall tile white design cupboard furniture

Small tile wall tile idea for the kitchen wall

interior modern kitchen idea extractor hood tile

Tile with big blue tiles: touch of freshness in your bathroom

Bathroom Tile Modern Large Blue Tile White Tub White Vanity Mirror Bathroom

fireplace tiling idea decoration wall lamp modern design decorative objects

kitchen wall tile idea wooden furniture white plant flowerpot deco

idea tile modern bathroom original brown gray modern ottoman

deco living room design modern minimalist armchair wooden floor mat fixture hanging

modern tile bathroom idea modern tile shower

modern black and white tile modern kitchen idea deco original

contemporary modern tile interior design contemporary fireplace furniture black white coffee table black

interior design modern dining room deco idea tile wall and floor table

black and white modern tiling idea black chair design wooden table

tile black tiles bathroom shower enclosure idea

contemporary style modern interior bathroom cabinet wooden light gray tile modern design

bathroom tile idea shower cubicle

bathroom idea tile gray black white furniture design

bathroom original tile design white wooden cabinet mirror shower cubicle toilet

wall tile kitchen idea extractor hood wood furniture

toilet layout tiling original idea design

black tile bedroom interior hanging lamp deco

kitchen tile glossy original idea layout modern design wooden furniture

trendy tile khaki kitchen wall tile deco hood extractante wood furniture

gray tile kitchen wall black black wood table floor mat tiles red chair transparent

original tile design sliding door yellow wood furniture wall black

living room tile idea white floor mats black

tile design modern white deco floor mats gray sofa light gray cushions black deco parquet

gray tile design large tiles deco wall composition table black sofa cushions white armchair

modern tile idea white blue bathtub pendant light fixture

retro blue tile design modern white bathtub curtains

bathroom wall tile design modern idea

bathroom tiled floor trend modern design wooden furniture

indoor modern idea layout sofa white floor rug black cushions pattern pendant light

interior design idea furniture sofa corner white armchair yellow

tile universal bathroom design idea modern toilet

tile idea bathroom toilet deco original modern

modern wooden blue white checkered wooden storage cabinet design toilet

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