Modern Victorian style living room in 48 ideas

deco living room victorian ideas

No one doubts the influence that Queen Victoria had during her reign even on the homes of the people of that period. People who belonged to the middle class decorated their homes extensively to show their status in society.

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Thus people began to redecorate their interiors by revisiting the Gothic, Rococo and Oriental styles. You can observe an eclectic mix of styles, richly ornamented furniture, rich details and realistic portraits of flowers, birds and animals, wooden sculptures with silver, gold and copper accents. If you like this style too, then in this article we propose you 48 ideas of deco lounge modern Victorian style.

Modern Victorian living room

Victorian style living room

One of the most used decorative styles for living room decor is the Victorian style which can be completed using shiny metals, intricate design furniture, picture frames and all kinds of accessories. But apart from that, there are other ways to create a deco lounge modern victorian. We will try to give you some ideas and tips how to succeed.

Decorative Victorian style living room

deco lounge interesting style

The first thing you need to do when decorating a Victorian living room is to opt for Victorian style furniture. Most furniture in this style has carved wood embellishments and rich fabrics. You can also use sofas, armchairs and chairs of brocade, velvet and with embroidery. Decorate them with cushions in different colors. Use low tables carved in wood or marble. The lamps can be of traditional style. For a more classic approach, choose a library that completely covers the wall.

Antique style Victorian living room

deco living room original idea

Use dark colors and rich shades. The light and dark shades of colors are perfect for creating a Victorian decor. The wooden pieces must be in darker shades to be able to combine with the other nuances in the decoration. The use of red, burgundy, purple, yellow and blue is something very common for this decorative style. But you can also use white if you wish.

Victorian living room decoration idea

living room furniture deco soft toy

Decorate your windows with scallops valances and tiebacks . Opt for silk, brocade and damask fabrics. Decorate them with pompons, ropes and crystals. For the decoration of the walls, use decorative moldings, ornaments and arches. The arches add grandeur to the room, while the moldings give authenticity to the decor. These are expensive decorations, but if you want to save money, you can simply paint your walls in rich colors like red, for example. The antique style wallpaper is also a great idea for living room decor.

Interesting Victorian living room decoration

living room deco victorian idea

The Victorian floor is usually richly decorated with patterns. Often we use luxurious patterned tiles. If you want to decorate your floor in this way, first make sure the furniture complements the decor of the floor. In case you make a patterned floor, then opt for a wall decoration more simple and light. Also look at all the photos that we offer to discover other ideas on the Victorian decoration of the modern living room:

Elegant Victorian style living room deco

deco living room modern victorian style

Victorian living room decorated with wood

Victorian luxury living room

Victorian living room original deco

deco living room interesting

Victorian style living room with burgundy walls

design deco living room

Decorative Victorian Living Room Idea

Victorian modern living room decoration

Victorian living room deco in light shades

elegant victorian living room decoration

Modern Victorian living room in bright shades

modern victorian living room decoration

deco living room furniture interesting

deco living room victorian furniture

deco living room original idea

deco living room modern victorian style

deco living room victorian light colors

deco living room victorian red furniture

idea living room design deco

idea deco living room furniture leather

idea deco living room plush furniture

deco idea living room modern victorian style

deco idea living room modern victorian

Victorian living room deco idea

deco idea living room victorian light colors

idea deco living room victorian black white

deco authentic victorian living room

living room deco idee victorian design

living room deco designer furniture

modern deco living room victorian style

deco living room original Victorian style

Victorian original living room

deco living room original style

living room deco victorian style idea

living room deco style victrien furniture leather

living room deco victoriene beige sofa

Victorian deco living room light colors

deco living room victorian design

luxury victorian deco lounge

deco living room victorian wood furniture

living room deco victorian furniture leather

modern Victorian living room

deco living room victorian wallpaper

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