Modern wooden house in the shape of a flying saucer

wooden house flying saucer deco

Have you ever imagined what it is not only to see a flying saucer, but also to find it inside? And even live there? The wooden house ecological that we will present in this article, is in New Paltz in New York and is nothing ordinary.

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Although its wooden frame will not survive long in space, it creates the perfect aesthetic for a rustic home that allows you to isolate yourself from the world all around. A look inside is enough to say that it is a very chic house, built with love for nature.

Wooden house in the shape of a flying saucer

modern interior wooden house

The interior of the house includes a ceiling of more than 3m shaped summit. The wooden house in total about 213 m², including three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The open plan creates an airy atmosphere, accentuated by large windows on all sides of the house. The dome can be turned really, using a remote control and solar power to give the house maximum sunlight during the day.

Decoration of the interior of the house

wooden house modern kitchen

Upstairs, there is a guest bedroom, a bathroom, as well as the workspace and a library whose access passes through the central staircase. The first level comprises the main adult bedroom. Outside, a veranda surrounds the house. This additional area offers the opportunity to fully enjoy the outdoors - no matter the weather. contemplate the following photos:

The ceiling of the house is 3m high and rotates with solar energy

wooden house flying saucer

The kitchen and the dining room

wooden house kitchen design

Decoration of the bathroom

wooden house bathroom

Designer bathroom with large bathtub

wooden house bathroom bathtub

The exterior of the original house

wood house exterior deco

Ecological and interesting design house

original wood house

The house has a veranda that follows its shape

house wood outdoor veranda

house wood idea deco terrace

house wood terrace deco wood

house wood terrace jacuzzi deco

wooden house veranda wood

house wood plan construction

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