Modular sofas italian design: our favorites

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Nowadays, people are more and more inspired by Scandinavian design and its constant search for functionality. If you want to make your living room modern and functional, we invite you to discover our selection of modular sofas designed and manufactured by Italian design companies.

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Let's discover them!

Modular Sofas in Sushi Fabric by La Cividina

modular sofas modern design italian living room sectional sofa fabric modern futuristic design

This project of modular sofas is based on elements allowing to create several different compositions, with a style always fresh, modern and timeless. The wooden structure is covered with dimensionally differentiated polyurethane foam and polyester fiber, with a seat on a plywood panel. The coating is not removable. It can be fabric or leather. It comes in two colors: dark gray and orange. The design was designed by the Swiss designer Mauro Fadel . He specializes in interior design and industrial design. Born in Switzerland, he lived and studied in Milan, Italy .
Modular sofa Slide

modular sofas living room design sofa modern futuristic design scandinavian carpets floor shelves woods fixtures suspension

The modular system slide is a modular upholstered sofa. It represents a rectangle cut in two by an oblique line that generates trapezoidal modules. This structure offers a great freedom of composition. The backrest is slightly inclined and ensures optimum comfort.

Sectional sofa Takimi La Cividina

living room sofa modular design italian modern living room furnishings

The couch Takimi by the company The Cividina is characterized by the multitude of possibilities of composition. Thanks to the different shapes, sizes and finishes of the elements that compose it, it can be modulated in many ways. It adapts easily to all interiors and all situations. It is made of wood covered with variable density non-deformable polyurethane foam and polyester fiber. The coating can be fabric or leather according to the tastes and preferences of each.

Modular sofa Peanut B. in beige

modular sofas modern design italian living room design furniture

Peanut B. is a set of elements that can be recomposed infinitely. These three poufs of different sizes allow various compositions and solutions. The padding feather ensures its soft cozy. Many removable covers dress with finesse. According to the desires, it is possible to equip with a sliding mechanism certain elements of Peanut B. This increases the depth of the seat and makes it even more comfortable. It comes in beige fabric and mint leather color.

Peanut modular sofa in mint color

sectional sofa modern idea living room furniture wall stone coffee table carpet pattern graphic

Corner sectional fabric sofa by Molteni

corner sofa design gray cushions modern living room floor mats stripes

Molteni is a modular corner sofa in existing fabric in two colors: white and gray. Simple at first sight, it is indeed a piece of furniture offering style and functionality. Its minimalist design makes it easy to integrate into all types of interiors. It was designed in 2011 by the Italian designer Ferruccio Lavian.

Elegant sofa, design Ferruccio Lavian, producer Molteni

modular sofas modern design living room corner sofa

This sectional design sofa was designed in 2009 by the manufacturer Poltrona Frau , an Italian company with more than 100 years of history that offers very high quality furniture. This sofa is part of their collection of leather sofas Frau shovel Massimossitema design. This system makes it possible to modulate and compose the elements in many different ways in order to adapt it to any interior.

Sectional Sofa in Frau Shovel by Poltrona Frau

modular sofas scoop frau design italian living room interior design sofa sectional cushions

Sitland is one of the world's leading producers of office chairs and design public spaces. Existing since 1977, the company's team has always been inspired by innovation, industrialization and new technologies while respecting the environment. The result - aesthetically refined, functional and technologically modern products. The L'O sofa was designed by the Italian designer Fiorenzo Dorig in 2013. It exists in two colors: yellow and red.

Design sofa L'O, design Fiorenzo Dorig, producer Sitland

modular sofas design modern futuristic interior living room modern idea

Fabric sofa L'O: three compositions

modular sofas modern design sitland idea design living room furniture design

Modular Fabric Sofa Sliding Sofa by MDF Italia

modular sofas modern design bookcase storage living room interior modern cushions

Sliding Sofa is a small collection of two sofas and composable elements existing in 2 versions: basic version and version with variable backs in height. Its structure is in solid wood, on base with elastic bands. Its removable cover is polyether of different densities. His feet are invisible, while the cushions of seat are in polyether. Finally, the sofa is quite usable even without coating. The version of the sofa with variable height back is an innovative system that works with an electric motor. It can raise or lower the folder to adapt to different expectations of comfort. Its design was designed by the designer Bruno Fattorini .

Modular fabric sofa from the Sliding Sofa collection by MDF Italia

sofa design white angle modular sectional modern library storage

Ecléctico is a modular upholstered system that can be customized to your liking. Made in Italy, this sofa is ideal for those seeking comfort and practicality. Its design was designed by Stefano Spessotto and Lorella Agnoletto. In all simplicity, it is possible to change the appearance of Eléctrico and adapt it to his needs. What is his secret? Innovation is hidden in its file! You can choose to add or remove the high folder and use the low folder. This is also the case of the extra mattress that can be added or removed to adjust the height and put his feet up or down. Its elegant look makes it perfect for modern interiors as well as for more classic interiors.

Ecléctico sofa, design Stefano Spessotto and Lorella Agnoletto, producer Ditre Italia

sofa design red modern living room furniture idea cushions modern

Ecléctico sofa in beige

modular sofas design living room design idea floor mat coffee table low design dresser wood

Monolith is a homely looking sofa that is composed of simple modular elements. Aesthetic and functional, this sofa includes several accessories that allow you to dress and modify it according to your preferences. It was designed by the Italian designer Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri. Sofa rather masculine and very contemporary, it allows the user to shape it in his own way.

Modular sofa Monolith by Ditre Italia

sofa beige design cushion modern interior design idea furniture design

Modular sofa Monolith

modular sofas design living room idea furnishing furniture modern plant decoration lamp idea floor mat

And here's the intruder! The Ella sofa was not designed in Italy and yet it deserves our attention. With a retro design, it is actually a contemporary and innovative system. The wooden bench was made by hand, the seat cushions are made of cotton or leather, and its aluminum legs. It can be modified in different ways according to the desires of the users. Designed by English designer Sean Dare, it was produced in England by Dare Studio. Its pink color is very soft and feminine.

Ella fabric modular sofa by Dare Studio

modular sofa design modern fabric ella dare studio

Back to Italy! The Comp Set sofa offers you an infinite number of combinations: whatever the interior design of your living room, Comp Set is enhanced by its elegant forms and the sobriety of its seating. Including several additional accessories, such as the large storage pocket, it is very practical and can be useful for storing business.

Sectional design sofa Comp Set by Twils

modular sofas modern italian design cushions floor mats panels

Blue version

sofa design living room idea modern cushion arrangement living room shelves modern matellased walls floor mats

Inspired by the creativity of Patricia Urquiola, the sofa Tufty-Time is a modular seating system that was launched ten years ago. In 2015, she decided to give a new look to her design inspired by the 1960s and 1970s. Traditional shapes, less formal and extremely elegant - this sofa represents a very functional modular system that fits ideally into a Scandinavian or industrial style interior. .

Tufty-Time modular sofa, design Patricia Urquiola, producer B & B Italia

modular sofas modern design furniture living room sectional sofa

modular sofas modern design cushion ottoman lounge

Toys is a corner sofa produced by the Italian company Divanidea. In 2015, she celebrated her 50th birthday. This modular sofa with a trendy design includes several poufs with different patterns. A comfortable furniture, but also a decorative element, its design makes it ideal for salons that lack colorful touches. Here is the sofa installed in a minimalist style living room:

Toys corner sofa by Divanidea

corner sofa modern design living room interior ottoman

With a soft and futuristic aesthetic, the Manhattan sofa is part of the innovative furniture collection HOWE. Its design was designed by the creator Danish Morten Nikolajsen. Its pentagon shape is at once of a harmonious and simple geometry. Its design makes it perfect for playful and creative interiors. To make it unique, all you have to do is combine the pentagon modules with the 3 folder heights to create different compositions. The covers are removable and make it even more functional.

Futuristic Manhattan Sofa by Howe

modular sofas industrial design modern living room sofa urban space idea

In lemon yellow, gray and black

futuristic sofa design furniture interior modern

In different shades of blue

sectional sofas design living room interior futuristic modern fixture suspension

In different shades of dark blue

design sofa mohoni blue modular modern living room modern design

In red and black

modular sofas design living room modern futuristic idea

The sofa type chaise-longue padded Opera is ideal for those who love sophisticated design. Covered with velvet, it comes in two colors: brown and aubergine. Its design was designed by designer Vittorio Hodara. A measured elegance, a rather minimalist appearance, this chaise-longue will fit wonderfully in a Scandinavian or industrial style interior.

Sofa-type chaise-longue and bench of the "Opera" series by Vittorio Hodara

modern interior design chaise longue sofa modern deco wall paintings

Royal aubergine color

modern design living room idea chaise-longue modern sofa

Since 1994 Paola Lenti creates unique and original furniture, a subtle mix of aesthetics and technological innovation. His name is a reference at the international level in the world of design. Alliance of luxury, elegance and contemporary style, Paola Lenti proposes creations for the interior as well as for the outside.

Sectional sofa with removable cover by Paola Lenti

sofa sectional design paola lenti modern interior living room

This modular sofa is ideal for indoors and outdoors. Its modular seating system combines the specificity of the materials used for upholstery with the ability to create custom compositions. The system includes central and corner elements with armrest, lounge chair and ottoman. The padding, which gives the system flexibility and comfort, is supported by an inner shell made of thermoformed ABS; it is composed of polystyrene spheres, polyester fibers and polyurethane for indoor use, polystyrene spheres for outdoor use. All items are removable. Three versions are available: Light, Rope M and Aquatech for outdoors.

Sectional sofa with removable cover by Paola Lenti

modular sofas composable modern design italian furniture

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