Monochromatic design bathroom by Minosa Design

bathroom design shower tub

Minosa Design have been asked to create a bathroom design modern, clean lines, with a palette of monochrome colors and natural materials.

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The result is a bathroom with freestanding bathtub, walk-in shower and modern ceiling lights.

Bathroom monochrome design

bathroom design platform

The shower has a built-in shelf with hidden light to highlight the bath accessories. The bath and shower area, defined by the use of Carrara marble, is located on a beautiful high platform.

Italian shower with integrated shelf

Italian shower bathroom design

The counter and sink have been specifically designed for this bathroom from a single piece of Solid Surface material creating a sense of continuity and harmony. A large bench has been included in the design at the request of the owners of the bathroom.

Italian shower with ultra modern design

bathroom design shower shelf

The Italian shower in this modern, uncluttered space features a wall-mounted storage niche with integrated lighting. This modern solution is ideal for storing small beauty products.

Freestanding bathtub with minimalist design

modern bath tub

The white color of Italian marble contrasts with the dark wall covering of the rest of the interior space. It is made of large format slate tiles.

The shower and bath are on an elegant platform

modern design bathroom

The designer shower room is separated from the bathtub corner thanks to a transparent glass wall.

Design bathroom with gray walls

bathroom monochromatic deco

The white double vanity unit, located at the other end of the room, takes over the color palette in light and neutral colors. It echoes the wall covering with white and gray marble.

Elegant furniture with two sinks

original bathroom deco

Light strips installed on both sides of the bathroom add more light to the room and contribute to the decor.

Bathroom decoration in white and gray

bathroom original deco modern

luxury bathroom two sinks

contemporary design bathroom

ultra modern bathroom

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