Mountain chalet decor: a hundred ideas for the bedroom

deco chalet master bedroom contemporary design

Do you have a mountain house room to decorate or do you want to change the look of your interior in the city for the winter? Try the cottage decor! Get inspired by nature, its ecological materials and mountain seasons to make your room more enjoyable especially during the winter season.

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Most people who like to ski have visited dozens of chalets during their holidays. Yet, when it comes to finding ideas for the winter decor of their own homes, they quickly realize that they have a lot of questions. And it's quite normal: during the holidays, we no longer think about renovation projects, we prefer to have fun, spend time and exercise, relax in a jacuzzi and enjoy good meals. So we will not be surprised to find ourselves in a position where you might need us and we will gladly guide you if that is indeed the case and you would want some inspiration for a mountain chalet style decoration really successful! We are here to help, indicating some key elements for this style of decoration.

Chalet decor: room with wooden wall covering

deco cottage master bedroom amenagement

The mountain chalet design interiors are characterized in the first place by the presence of wooden surfaces. The wooden deco It is omnipresent, starting with flooring, walls and ceilings, and furniture to finish with decorative objects. Think about it: most mountains in Europe and the United States abound in different types of forest, coniferous or broadleaved. For decades, the materials we extracted were used for the construction and interior decoration of houses near these forests. Natural, warm and relatively easy to shape, the wood continues to be a typical material for chalet style design. Today, it comes in several variants: ethnic, rustic, modern or Scandinavian, according to the personal taste of the owners and according to the colors and accessories in the interiors.

Cottage deco for bedroom with fireplace and stone wall

Idea deco cottage fireplace stone wall bedroom

Speaking of natural materials, do not forget to mention the stone. It is a more "cold" material but just as authentic and old. It is likely to bring balance in the decor of your room dominated by wood. Use it for wall cladding, floor covering in the bathroom of a master suite or for decorating a fireplace in a corner of the room. The results will be impressive!

Deco bedroom cottage with cozy blanket

decoration chalet bedroom luxury adult decoration

Who says mountain chalet, also says snow and cold climate. For a warm and attractive interior, do not forget to add curtains, rugs, plaids and blankets to your decor. cocooning style and cozy! Leather and fur imitation rugs and cozy blankets are essential for your comfort in a mountain-style room. As for plaids and curtains, think of fabrics with a warm Scottish pattern, such as red and orange. They will harmonize beautifully with cooler or neutral shades like blue, white and gray.

Deco parental suite with bath

ideas of deco cottage master suite amenagement bathtub

Those who have spent their holidays in the mountains know that living in a chalet can not, in any case, be reduced to activities inside. On the contrary: when you are surrounded by majestic landscapes, you want to spend a lot of time outdoors, even in very cold weather. So, when we come back inside, we want to warm up and have fun, drinking a cup of hot chocolate or, why not, a glass of wine. Think about this specific aspect of life in the mountains and transpose it into the decoration of your bedroom. Consider the possibility of creating a lounge area inside, such as an area with a coffee table and a comfortable armchair, with a mini bar or with a fireplace, surrounded by some nice stools. If you are working on the layout of a suite with bathroom, make it a zen space or spa; you'll need it after a long day of hiking!

Room with chalet decor: invite nature into your home

interior design atmosphere mountain

As we have said, nature is an important part of life on the mountain. And it is precisely for this reason that the chalet-style decor draws us: it invites nature inside. Consider this aspect of mountain chalet design by choosing the accessories for your room. In addition to surfaces made of natural materials, such as stone and wood, introduce decorative objects inspired by nature: branches, pine cones, candles and pottery.

Idea of ​​cottage decor for bedroom by Grace Home Design

deco cottage bedroom design

The houses in the mountains are designed to cope with rough living conditions: snow, rain, mud and wind. These are not, in any case, too delicate interiors. Keep in mind this detail throughout the layout of your room and, most importantly, when choosing upholstery and furniture. These choices will have consequences on the look of your interior but also on its longevity and its maintenance. Do not look for a particularly refined decoration; instead, focus on sustainability and comfort. All these tips already evoke tracks for your mountain chalet style room?

Cozy style bedroom interior decoration and mountain chalet

deco fur mountain cottage

If you start to have a little idea but you still need clarification, know that looking for durability of materials and furniture rather than refinement does not mean that your home can not be elegant, even chic! The silk bedding or other noble fabric can transform the look of your bedroom entirely. The artificial fur or the real one covering your floor or serving as a blanket for your bed will give a very warm appearance to your room. Wallpapers can also bring a cozy touch to your home. Curtains and tapestry also play a key role in the chalet style decor.

Mountain Chalet Style Parental Suite Interior

modern mountain chalets decoration

As far as the decorative objects are concerned, what we can find the most in a chalet decoration are wooden picture frames, deer antlers, animal skins, trophies of slaughtered animal heads ... Since time man hunts for food, today this practice lacks meaning but the decorative tradition and the habit of the man to practice hunting have unfortunately remained. Keeping deer antlers or tusks or horns depending on the animal is somehow showing that man has been and will always be smarter than the animal. However, to our greatest misfortune, the man wants to demonstrate unnecessarily force on the animal that is ephemeral and especially false. Our advice is to replace the real skins with fake ones and that way you will keep the undeniably pretty design of the skin of the animal without harming it.

Deco idea with modern chalet style fireplace

interior luxury deco style chalet

The cottage decor expressed in wood and stone does not exclude the possibility of keeping a certain modernism. The lamps, the fabrics, the new inventions of the technology which are introduced in our daily life and in our environment will make that the interior decorated in chalet will have a look so non-futuristic at least modern.

Beautiful mountain chalet style room with bath

chalet mountain bedroom decor cottage

For those who love the classic style, no matter the theme of the decor, put everything in wood and keep a profile of their bedroom more humble and less pretentious, will be the thing to do. The colors to prefer to keep the classic style, are beige, gray, ecru and pastel shades. The wood with these colors will bring only sweetness to the eyes of the inhabitant.

Picture of mountain chalter style room with wooden wall

decoration chalet adult rooms

Photo of parental suite with cottage decor

picture parental suite cottage

The classic contrast white and wood do many of you like. There is a certain freshness and youth in the decor characterized by this contrast, do not you think? The style in white and wood is clearer and it releases, in addition, minimalism and modernity.

Mountain deco for bedroom with exposed beams

room beam apparent deco mountain

If you can keep the stones visible inside your cottage-style house, do it! It's authentic to have visible stones at home. If you decide to decorate with slabs or stones, just have in mind that this choice prevails, for us, on the choice to put tiling, especially when it comes to the decoration of the walls.

Interior of master bedroom with cozy atmosphere

cozy master bedroom layout

The slabs you see on the picture we have chosen for you are a little reminiscent of tiles, but it is obvious that stone is a wall covering better than tiles. The blue color of the curtains goes well to the gray color of the slabs. The atmosphere is not very warm but the room does not lack charm and comfort.

Photo of room with mountain chalet decor

mountain room decoration photos

Before we invite you to complete these first ideas by examining the rest of our gallery of more than 100 images dedicated to this subject, we suggest you think carefully why you love this style of cottage decor so you can orient yourself on decorative objects and the materials that make you crack and around which you will store all your interior. When you are sure exactly what you like, you will be able to attack the rest of the decor!

Adult bedroom and chalet decor

photo rooms adults idea deco cottage

Small bedroom interior design with chalet decor

small cottage decoration room

Wooden wall in mountain design room

wall facing wood bedroom atmosphere mountain

Mountain decor objects and chalet-style bedroom

object design mountain rooms cottage

Room furniture with chalet decoration: original wooden bed

idea bed mountain rooms

Modern bedroom interior design with mountain deco

mountain room interior deco

Room interior idea with cottage decor

picture bedroom decor cottages

Deco mountain chalet for bedroom

cottage room decoration idea

Bedroom picture with cottage decor and fireplace

interior room cottage decor

Mountain chalet decoration: room with bathroom

idea room mountain chalet decoration

Room decorating idea with mountain chalet atmosphere

idea room deco atmosphere mountain

Cottage interior design for bedroom

interior design chalet bedroom

Mountain style deco for bedroom

Mountain style deco room

Interior decoration of chalet style and modern bedroom

deco modern style bedroom cottage

Rustic deco idea for cottage style bedroom

deco rustic design cottage rooms

Chalet style decoration for bedroom interiors

interior decoration chalet style

Modern mountain room decoration idea

modern mountain house decoration rooms

Mountain and bedroom decoration in chalet style

deco mountain interior bedroom cottages

Interior decoration in adult bedroom mountain style

mountain deco bedroom adults

Bedroom chalet atmosphere

rooms mountain chalet decoration

Cabin room interior decoration idea

interior idea chalet room

Cozy decor for chalet-style bedroom

decoration cocooning room chalet

Bedroom decoration in chalet style

chalet style rooms

Mountain design master bedroom renovation idea

deco master bedroom house mountain

Dress up a room in mountain chalet style

decoration chalet double bed room

Photo of parental suite with chalet decoration

deco cottage bedroom fireplace

Chalet style decoration for modern bedroom

modern chalet style decor

Wooden room with mountain chalet decor

house cottage bedroom deco wood

Vintage mountain room deco idea

deco cottage mountain room

Mountain design deco for modern bedroom interior

deco style modern house mountain

Cottage decor for bedroom with wooden furniture

deco interior chalet design

deco mountain design rooms

cozy atmosphere bedroom deco luxury

mountain style cottage style deco

fireplace bedroom deco mountain

idea house mountain bedroom cottage

accommodation room friends chalet style

chalet mountain room cozy atmosphere

deco cocooning mountain design room

bedroom decoration mountain chalets

deco parental suite cottage

wood deco cottage small room

modern mountain chalet deco

deco interior chalet cozy design

minimalist rooms chalet decor

deco cottage room children house

deco room cozy mountain chalets

deco bedroom wood chalet

Idea bedroom deco cottage

deco master bedroom chalet style

decoration cottage bedroom wood walls

deco cottage color rooms

deco cottage house bedroom

chalet deco wood bedroom mountain

deco room atmosphere mountain

room idea deco cozy atmosphere

atmosphere bedroom deco cottage

fireplace mountain deco bedroom

photo bedroom modern cottage

wood chalet design room

room deco design mountain wood

bedroom design modern house deco

mountain chalet bedroom design

rooms deco rustic ambiance

ideas room decoration chalets

house cottage bedroom deco wood

deco ambiance chalet chambre

bedroom house deco mountain

chalets luxury mountain room

deco bedroom cottage roof windows

deco cottage cozy rooms

mountain wood interior deco rooms

interior chalet bedroom deco wood

luxury chalet room decoration

rooms chalet interior design

cottage rooms deco rustic style

modern chalet mountain room

idea cottage decoration room

interior chalet mountain rooms design

chalet room decoration mountain

picture chalets design bedroom

image chalet bedroom luxurious deco

cozy modern deco rooms

beautiful rooms idee deco mountain

deco cottage bedroom pastel colors

deco cottage modern futuristic minimalist

deco chalet stone wood exposed beams cold atmosphere

room decoration deco mountain

pictures rooms chalet decoration

decoration chalet bedroom mountain

decoration objects chalet bedroom mountain

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