Nails decorated for Valentine's day in 50 ideas

decorated nails Valentine's day heart

For Valentine's Day, celebrated on February 14 every year, it is always very important to have fun with something beautiful and romantic like, for example, the nails decorated .
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Generally the manicure for Valentine's Day is in pink or red and with designs like hearts, butterflies, flowers or knots. There are also other original ideas of how to nail your feast for love and you will discover some by looking at the pictures we have chosen for you.

Nails decorated for Valentine's Day

decorated nails design valentine's day

Some of you may think that all these hearts and frills are a little mundane but the Valentine's Day is traditionally associated with pink and red shades. Thus, the theme of love and romance is strongly linked to the image of flamboyant hearts and burning hearts of love. The ideas we present to you on the photos below are easy to do at home and without the need of professional help.

Nail decoration for Valentine's Day

decorated nails Valentine's day ideas

So how do you draw a heart on the nails? You are going to need a sharp brush and red nail polish to create a heart manicure. Start by cleaning and shaping your nails. Choose accent nails - one or two on each hand. On the tip of each nail make a chevron pattern with red varnish - this will be the point of the heart. Make the outline of the accent nail with red and add a stitch directly below the lowest point of the chevron. This will form the bow of the heart. Carefully add more polish to form the heart. Put the nail without the heart in red and apply clear varnish on the entire nail. Let it dry.
Nails decorated with hearts

decorated nails Valentine's day idea

And how about a glamorous manicure in case you have a planned dinner? For this purpose you will need three glitter varnishes: one in pink, one in silver and one in red. Always start by cleaning and shaping your nails. Apply a basic varnish. Continue with two coats of silver glitter and let dry for five to ten minutes. Then use the red varnish. Remove all excess varnish on the brush and apply the varnish on the logueur of the nail. Let it dry for ten more minutes. At the end use the pink polish applying it on the lower part of the nail. Repeat the same process on all nails. The next thing you have left is the application of clear varnish and crystals on the tip of each nail if you wish. And now, your beautiful manicure for the lovers' party is ready! Have fun!
Ideas how to get nails for Valentine's Day

original decorated nails Valentine's Day

Nail decoration in red and pink

red rose decorated nails

Nail design with chevron patterns

decorated nails chevron valentines day

Nice nail deco for Valentine's Day

deco nail hearts idea

Romantic idea for nail decoration

deco nail hearts valentine's day

Modern manicure for Valentine's Day

deco short nails valentine's day

Nails decorated with glitter for Valentine's Day

deco nail flowers heart

deco nail decoration idea

deco nail valentine's day

decoration nail valentine's day

deco nail ideas hearts

deco nail simple idea

deco nails interesting valentine's day

deco modern nails valentine's day

deco nail valentine patterns

deco nails peas valentine's day

deco nails retro valentine's day

deco nails valentine's day

deco nails valentine's day

deco nails simple valentine's day

deco green nails valentine's day

decoration nail idea valentine's day

Valentine's day deco idea

deco idea nail a heart

decorated nails kisses Valentine's Day

red white decorated nails

decorated nails hearts valentine

decorated nails elegants Valentines Day

decorated nails flowers Valentine's Day

french manicure decorated nails

decorated nails original idea

interesting decorated nails Valentine's Day

decorated nails love Valentine's Day

modern decorated nails Valentine's Day

purple black decorated nails

decorated nails rose silver valentine's day

decorated nails pink valentine's day

white red decorated nails

decorated red nails design

decorated nails xoxo valentines day

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