Natural foam: 100 ideas of original decorative objects

natural foam interior modern design

Natural Moss is a kind of green plant that can be used for the creation of various home and home decor projects. Today, we are going to explore 100 ideas of decorative objects made using this carpet plant.

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Some of these objects are designer creations while others have been made by nature lovers with a creative spirit. If you like the nature yourself and if you are looking for ways to bring more greenery to your home, you can take inspiration from our photos to try to make your own original project using natural moss.

Natural foam for creating wall decoration objects

natural moss plant wall decoration

Moss is a creeping plant that is often used as ground cover for gardens and embankments. In addition to this, it can also cover vertical spaces and, in particular, walls. This quality of different types of moss inspired the design of our first natural deco object: the vertical garden green. This one exists in versions able to dress an entire wall in an interior room; it could also be in the form of a living picture, adorned with a frame made of organic materials such as, for example, wood. Of course, green walls of this kind are also a good solution for decorating a house facade or a terrace partition.

Original wall decoration with natural moss graffiti

graffiti foam decoration wall

When talking about wall decoration and green walls, it is impossible to ignore a recent invention that quickly conquered the web: green foam graffiti. These are installed on exterior or interior walls where they serve to deliver messages written in letters or to provoke the imagination by reproducing animals, geometric forms or landscapes.

Natural foam and interior decoration with authentic carpet

decor nature house mosses

Its same properties have also inspired the creation of green and natural carpets for the interiors of those who love flowers and plants. These original carpets give you the opportunity to put your feet on a completely organic vegetal surface. The carpets come in different versions. One, small, would be particularly suitable for bathroom decoration, a room whose humidity provides the ideal conditions for the development of plants of the family of mosses. For those who want a larger size rug, two options are available. They are free to buy two or three smaller carpets to make a large format or to complete the carpet with plant species that they would have chosen to customize the decoration of their soil.

Natural foam for modern and organic home decoration

object unusual design natural moss

These green carpets are so impressive that some architects and designers, like Nidolab Arquitectura and Alexkeha, who want to encourage their guests to invite nature into their contemporary homes, have started making this type of flooring. The large format carpets they made are composed of mosses of different shades put together in one and the same carpet.

Natural foam and original decorative object for modern home

deco natural foam table

In the same spirit, other designers have decided to integrate green surfaces into their creations: furniture and various objects for the interior of the house. This is how we invented tables, stools and clocks adorned with living mosses. Some of these projects went even further: the bio-photovoltaic table produced by Design in Science is capable of producing electricity. It works through the process of photosynthesis done by green plants and is able to load small objects, such as clocks.

Green moss and interesting object idea for indoor or outdoor decoration

green interior deco foam

Other designers, such as Ayodhya and Nancy Favier, focus on the aesthetic side of green plants and the possibilities it offers us to beautify indoor or outdoor spaces. That's how tables and chairs covered with a natural film were invented which will be very nice complements for a sunny room, for a terrace or a balcony.

Idea of ​​decoration with small object in foams

terrarium deco living mousse

Natural foam is available in a variety of shades and is easily grown on surfaces with various shapes. For this reason, many people choose to use it for the realization of small decorative objects. A very popular example of such an object are the terrariums . As our most dedicated readers already know, mosses are one of the key elements in terrarium manufacturing. They are often supplemented by succulents, pebbles and interesting figurines.

Natural moss and decoration with Japanese art Kokedama

deco garden kokedama flower japanese design

If you do not like terrariums but still want to do a small DIY project with natural moss, why not try it out Japanese art Kokedama ? This word, which means "foam spheres", is used to refer to an original way of presenting indoor or outdoor plants. It consists of wrapping the soil around the roots of the moss plant and replacing the plant pot. The pots obtained by this art can be suspended on ropes or placed on a flat surface inside or outside.

Decorative object idea for wedding in green mosses

romantic table decor natural mousses

Another interesting way to use green moss is to plant it in a container with an original shape such as, for example, a particular letter or sign. The container can be hung on the wall or placed on the dining table to become a natural and zen decorative object.

Natural foams: ideal for organic decoration

garden creeping plant green mosses

As you can see, natural moss is a fascinating material that can be shaped in many ways to obtain intriguing decorative objects. In addition to the ideas that we presented above, mosses are often used also in the decoration of wedding tables (in particular, those with nature theme), for the creation of spring and Easter ornaments and for the realization of crowns for entrance door. Our selection of photos will allow you to explore examples of all these types of decoration and many others:

Home decoration with natural foams and original carpets

interior foam deco carpet

Natural interior decoration object

green moss carpet nature decoration

Photo of interesting carpet and original moss

deco materials foam carpet

Natural wall decoration

paintings plants living plants interior

Natural deco board idea with plants and wood

painting wall deco plant covers green ground

Chalkboard frame with mosses and green plants for wall deco

green moss plant table idea

Floral suspension with mosses and flowers

hiding pot moss hanging green plant

Idea of ​​deco with indoor plants and mosses

japanese art kokedama floral suspension

Flower suspension and nature deco for home

living plant suspension floral deco

Natural bathroom decoration with Zen atmosphere: idea of ​​palnts

idea bathroom deco zen green plant

Pots of plants for interior wood and deco with mosses

deco of moss green plant pots

Japanese garden decoration with mosses and green plants

idea plants garden balloon foam

Foam balls for interior or exterior decoration

indoor plant ideas art flowers

Japanese floral art and plant pot natural moss

japanese garden moss kokedama plant

Foam flower hangings and green home decor idea

home decoration japanese art green plants

Original plant pot and natural moss

Kokedama Idea Plant Interior Foam

Photo of green plants and flower pot in mosses

perennial plants interior floral decoration

Idea of ​​small indoor garden for home with mosses and orchids

plant suspension natural foam deco

Natural mosses and interesting cache

floral art kokedama interior decoration mousse

How to make a flower pot with Kokedama mousses

kokedama foam ball plant

Dining room with vertical garden in green foams

deco plants deco wall vertical gardens

Bathroom decoration with accent wall in natural foam

moss perennial plant amenagement bathroom

Nature deco for Zen bathroom

Zen atmosphere foam bathroom

Decorative object to manufacture: natural foam letters

flower plant deco interior natural moss

Original and nature-friendly decorations in natural foams

original gift mousse pot

DIY idea with green plants

green moss plant interior decoration

Green decoration for modern style interior

decoration plant covers ground vertical garden suspended

Idea of ​​vertical garden layout in green mosses

indoor green moss plant

Green moss plant wall

wall plant covers ground interior decoration

small wood deco foam

mini garden hanging wall plant

natural mousse plant original decoration

vertical gardens green wall moss

wall deco facade idee natural mosses

office decoration foam walls

decoration ideas walls tapestry plants

green moss deco japanese garden

natural green moss deco

natural moss house decor nature

natural organic carpet foam

natural foam carpet home deco

interior carpet natural foam deco

natural foam home deco ideas

zen deco mousse plant

deco green plant moss table

foam idea deco modern object

clock natural foam ideas

natural moss nature deco objects

bedside lamp plant deco

make foam letters

deco small Japanese green moss garden

deco interior garden idea green mosses

mousses idee decoration table

deco table spring green plants

photo deco green moss table

green plants mosses easter deco table

idea green deco spring foam

house bird garden outdoor plant green

original object gifts green plants

garlands decoration chimney mosses

green plant moss wedding decor

deco flowers moss plant

natural moss graffiti deco floral art

graffiti plant unusual gifts

how to make a photo foam frame

diy decoration green plants terrarium

deco foam table candle holders

creeping foam house facade

green plant deco interior foam

deco flower wedding plants moss

foam deco pictures of table

deco wood and foam modern design

deco plant pot asian zen atmosphere

photo door green foam entrance

idea crown moss decoration home doors

crowns deco foam

diy deco foam crown door

crown entry natural moss flowers

original gift natural mousse

center table moss green plants

idea center table foam deco plant

make an original gift green plants

cache pot deco moss green plant

idea floral art mousse wedding

floral art mousse plant pot

floral deco table deco easter

DIY easter mousse decoration

plant deco ideas green moss

easter deco green plant mosses

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