Nature deco: idea of ​​wall suspension to manufacture

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You like to personalize your interior with DIY projects ? So, adopt this idea of ​​nature deco with original wooden wall suspension! This project is very suitable for autumn and winter because it will allow you to introduce a living plant in your home during the months when it is gray and the green color is giving way to dead leaves and snow.

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Make this easy suspension so will also be a way to refresh the atmosphere of your room or living room!

Materials needed for the manufacture of a wooden suspension for nature deco

DIY deco nature

To realize this DIY project by Agata Dimmich You will need three wooden rods, rope, spray paint for wood, a climbing green plant or other object of your choice to adorn your suspension, a drill and paint protection adhesive. We recommend that you gather all these materials before you start making your decorative object.

Nature deco with wooden suspension and rope

manual activity deco nature

Once all the materials in the list are on hand, make your wooden wall suspension, following the following steps (you will find the pictures of all these at the end of the article): to start, do not worry that the The size of the wooden stems corresponds to the desired length for your nature deco object and that all the stems are of the same length. Then, use the drill to make holes at both ends of each rod, being careful that they are symmetrical and placed in the same places. This is important so that you can bind all the stems together with pieces of rope afterwards.

Photo of the wooden suspension for nature deco interior

hanging wall wood decorations nature

The third step involves decorating your rods: use the protective adhesive and spray paint to give your suspension a personalized and more interesting look, then let it dry. Once the paint dries, cut identical pieces of rope and insert them into the holes of the rods. Then fix them, using knots each time. Repeat the procedure with all the rods to gather all the elements of your suspension. There you go ! Your wall wood suspension is now ready for use. You can now decorate it with a vine or with another object of your choice! Here are the photos of the different stages of the manufacturing of this easy nature deco:

Nature deco and DIY tutorial: make symmetrical holes in the stems

manual activity deco nature

Decoration nature: wooden rods with holes for the manufacture of the suspension

diy interior decorating ideas

Tuto deco nature: use the adhesive protection paint for the decoration of the suspension

wall bedroom deco nature wood

Adorn the wooden suspension with spray paint

decoration tutorial

DIY deco nature: use the holes to fix the stems using pieces of rope

decoration room decoration nature

Nature deco: pass the rope in each three and fix it with knots

deco nature cheap house

DIY home deco natural

do-it-yourself idea decoration nature

wooden wall hanging decoration

diy wall suspension bed room

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