Nature wedding theme idea for a fresh and magical atmosphere

idea theme wedding nature vintage boho chic design deco idea

Looking for a wedding theme idea original? A vintage, spring, summer, country wedding or a wedding inspired by the sea? It's up to you to find the theme that suits you best.

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When we start preparing for a wedding, the first question that arises is that of the colors of the decoration. The possibilities are numerous and it is not always easy to find one's way in the multitude of nuances. Since spring has already arrived and summer will not be long either, what better theme for your wedding than the one inspired by the beauty, purity and colors of nature? Discover our folder of theme ideas and natural and fresh colors for a magical wedding because love rhymes with nature!

Nature wedding theme idea to celebrate love and spring

idea theme wedding nature garden outdoors idea bride flowers deco

Marriage is a traditional ceremony and it is sometimes difficult to be original and not respect certain traditions already established. And yet, choosing a theme that suits your taste and personality is important. If you want to make your wedding a unique event that will mark the spirit of all your guests, then think of a theme that resembles you and your lover. The choice of theme will guide you in the choice of decoration and colors. Today we are going to be interested in the nature theme because love and nature go together, do not we?

Wedding theme idea: beautiful fresh and spring bridal bouquet

idea theme wedding bridal bouquet rose spring wedding idea

Do you know that marriage is the oldest social institution? Nowadays, marriage is seen as a celebration of love. A long time ago, it was not the case. It was not created to celebrate the love of two beings, but to install a legal contract of obligations. Nowadays, the trends have changed and the marriage has a less religious aspect.

Love and nature: an ideal marriage

idea theme wedding nature idea deco spring bride dress

Marriage is above all the amorous union of two individuals. It is an important ritual in the life of a woman and a man. More than a contract, it is a magical and romantic ritual which at the base is of religious origin. Nowadays, the wedding parties are very different and everyone is free to organize his own as he wishes. Do you know why white has become the base color for every wedding? The color The classic and unavoidable for every ceremony is, in fact, a custom of cultural influence of Catholicism.

Wedding table decoration idea with pretty flowers

idea theme wedding nature flowers deco roses idea

At the time of the Roman Empire, the bride also wore a white dress and a wreath of orange blossoms. In the Middle Ages, this tradition was forgotten and the bride had to wear her most beautiful dress whatever its color. It was only in the Renaissance that brides of aristocratic families began to wear a white dress. Legend has it that Mary Stuart was the first to wear a white dress when she married King Francis II. It is also the marriage of Queen Victoria, in Great Britain, which had a strong influence on the traditions of this ceremony. In hers, she also wore a white satin dress and a veil trimmed with Orange flowers .

Flower wreath for nature wedding

orange flower wreath for a bridal wedding idea

If you have decided to celebrate your wedding in spring or summer, the best theme choice is nature! White is both classic, but also a very bright color that we do not always tend to wear every day. White also symbolizes purity and light. Love lights up, does not it? A dress and a decoration in white, but accompanied by pretty accents in green and blue. By choosing white as the dominant color for your decoration, you will create a natural and fresh atmosphere. Your guests will feel light and comfortable.

Wedding table decoration with flowers in pink and white

idea theme wedding nature flowers bouquet deco cake light fixture

The spring and the beautiful days invite us to make our dream wedding outside while enjoying the sun and the natural scenery. Since it is nature that will make the great decoration , we advise you to opt for a minimalist and floral decoration.

Bridal bouquet idea

idea theme wedding deco flowers bouquet bride pink white idea

Nature and its beautiful colors inspire us for a modern, fresh and romantic decor. Just choose some pretty flowers and create beautiful wedding bouquets for your decoration. The colors of spring are sweet. Pink and white blend perfectly to create a dream atmosphere. Creamy yellow and natural green bring a feeling of lightness and free spirit. Create your own contemporary and fabulous wedding atmosphere and decor!

Bouquet of hyacinths for spring wedding

idea theme wedding spring nature hyacinths

Spring is the perfect time to get married. The weather is sunny, the sun shines, the flowers delicately perfume the air. The natural decoration is offered to you with all its splendor. You do not need to invest in expensive and bulky home decor items.

Idea of crowned red flowers

nature wedding theme idea red flowers crown

Marriage is the feast of love that you share with your friends by laughing, dancing and remembering the memories you've had together ... You do not need a huge budget to make your great day an unforgettable and unique moment. Instead of spending too much money to have a cataloged wedding, rather enjoy the beautiful days and nature to make your wedding day magical.

Table decoration idea with flowers and herbs

deco idea table theme nature wedding

Table decoration with flowers, wood and candles

table wedding deco wood flowers idea theme wedding nature

Hanging decoration of flowers for nature theme wedding

deco wedding theme nature flowers idea

Decorate with the colors of nature

deco color idea wedding theme bouquet of flowers

Decoration with candles for a romantic atmosphere

idea wedding theme nature deco candles original

Cake idea decorated with flowers

wedding deco idea flowers cake decoration wedding nature

Fun decoration idea

wedding decoration fun wedding idea

Inspiration wedding decoration vintage

deco wedding spring idea table wood flowers

Spring bridal bouquet idea

bridal bouquet wedding idea flowers spring

Bridal bouquet idea with roses

wedding idea theme bouquet spring bride roses

Original bouquet of flowers and succulents

deco wedding idea bouquet bride flowers succulents

Very original wedding bouquet

original bride bouquet succulent plants idea

Love rhymes with nature

wedding idea theme bride garden dress decor

Really natural wedding decoration!

theme wedding nature idea deco trees outside

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