Navy decor - invite the ocean into your interior

original bowls shaped like whales

Summer is approaching and we are already beginning to imagine the gentle breeze of the ocean. If you have a house at the water's edge, this article on the navy decor you will be very helpful.

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And if you're far from the coast ... who said you can not put your interior on a marine theme?

Easy to make marine decoration: a DIY candle in the hollow of a shell

homemade candle in seashell

In this article, we present several ideas for a interior decoration inspired by the ocean: shells, fishing nets, starfish ... The options are many and we will explore them one by one starting with the shells. Above, you can see an example of a home-made marine decor: it is, of course, a candle in the hollow of a shell. Clever, no?

Design chime made from sea shells slung over a small branch

chime bohemian style

Still on the theme of the shell, you can also make your own carillon to hang on the patio. To do this, go to the hunt for shells, then put them on a wire that you will then wrap around a small branch for a complete and rustic look. You can also add some pearls or multicolored buttons to add a little color.

Marine animal paintings hanging on the wall for ocean lovers

living room decor with marine animals photo frames

If we go back inside, the decoration of the living room above does not go unnoticed. Note the theme of the paintings hanging on the wall: the majority present marine animals. The layout of the paintings is equally interesting because they dominate the wall without being amenable to the rules of symmetry.

A fishing net adorned with marine decorations and hanging on the wall gives the room a breath of fresh air

marine decoration with fishing net

Besides shellfish, here is another essential element: the fishing net! Do not underestimate this accessory as original as versatile, it can be really useful in your marine decor. Hang it on the wall, adorn it with some starfish and your decoration is successful!

Counter equipped with accessories that vary from one blue to the other

blue marine decorations

If you're not too adept at such an obvious decoration, you can only look at the range of maritime colors. Blue exists in a multitude of shades and you can play this variety to create a subtle decoration reminiscent of the ocean without jumping in the face.

Bedroom dotted with marine themed decorations

sea ​​theme bed linen

The bedding is another way to express your love for the ocean and the beach. Think about the patterns - the stripes evoke the beach in general and, combined with the blue, they really transport us to the beach.

Original Ottomans made with hemp rope

DIY ottomanes with hemp rope

Here is an idea to arrange your garden or terrace. The above ottomans were hand-plucked using hemp rope, a material that is reminiscent of boats and fishing. Original and a little bohemian according to the decor, these ottomans are the ideal accessory for a Mediterranean-style terrace.

Rope doormat for a Mediterranean look

doormat in rope white Mediterranean style

Other accessories are perfect for a marine decor. A doormat rope, a shower curtain adorned with marine motifs or a hammock hanging in the living room.

Marine patterned shower curtain

marine theme shower curtain

Beyond the accessories, do not forget the possibilities that you have as for the decoration of walls. You can opt for several shades of blue or stay in the simplicity of white that you animate later with the help of objects and furniture.

Marine decoration in a living room furnished with a hammock for absolute comfort

contemporary lounge hammock beach air

The table decoration is also a good idea: glass terrariums filled with sand and seashells - a great idea for a summer atmosphere that exudes a good mood.

Terrariums filled with sand and sea shells for a table decoration inspired by the marine theme

terrariums glass filled sand seashells

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