Neoclassical style and Art Deco style: two sophisticated interiors

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We have already visited virtually several modern and elegant spaces. It's time to enjoy some extravagant inspiration.

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Here are two apartments who share many features with the style neoclassical . This style, elegant and complex, appears in the mid-1700s and retains its popularity until the beginning of 1800s. Neoclassicism arose in direct response to the frivolity of the Rococo style - so it was considered the minimalist style at the time. The n éoclassicisme was actually a revival of classical Greek style. For its part, the Art Deco style appeared for the first time in the 1910s and immediately became a worldwide success. Often considered too "kitsch", married to neoclassical style, the Art Deco style is more elegant and discreet.

Neoclassical style married to Art Deco style: a fascinating idea

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The first area to visit is an apartment that updates the classic Louis XVI style. This space is named Château Margaux and was designed by the Russian designer Anya Abramova . Its design is not imposing, on the contrary - one feels comfortably in this atmosphere s shadow and sophisticated. Thanks to the choice of darker colors, the space is luxurious, but relaxing and intimate at the same time. It's a truly incredible and very creative interpretation of the neoclassical era design .

An interpretation of the neoclassical style very creative

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A typical neoclassical interior would have had light-colored paint or intricate gilding, but the unfinished side used here is rather an interpretation contemporary that a reference to u does aesthetics antique.
The unfinished side of this interior makes it more contemporary

contemporary neoclassical style modern sofa cushions fixture hanging wooden table

Even the choice of lighting pays homage to neoclassical historical themes. These glass luminaires were inspired by the legendary chandeliers of the opera halls .

Luminaries inspired by the chandeliers of the opera halls

neoclassical style bookcase wood sofa shelf wood living room

The glass bells were a common way to protect delicate valuables from dirt, dust and other potential dangers.
Dining room of neoclassical and contemporary design at the same time

dining room neoclassical style modern wooden table armchair lighting pendant wood bookcase

The dining room is sophisticated and discreet, with strong rustic tones. Other elements, like the interesting hanging luminaire, are purely modern.

Dining room open to the kitchen

neoclassical style modern dining room table wooden armchair rose bar suspension fixture

The tones of the kitchen are dark, the furniture is matte black wood. The fabulous Wall tile between windows is a charming rural style.

The fixture is modern, but with Edison bulbs!

neoclassical style design dining room wooden table chair design idea lighting

"Swedish blinds" decorate the windows of the kitchen. They are easy to do at home. The washing up is beautiful and minimalist, easy to stand out from the rest of the decoration .
Large dressing room in black with extraordinary suspended luminaires

dressing room design art deco interior ottoman fixture suspension floor mats

Who would not want to have a dressing design like this? The stool in the middle is big enough for two. Its white color contrasts with the matte black furniture and refreshes the interior. This dressing has an incredible amount of storage.

Dressing room that makes you dream


Art style deco was considered a revival of neoclassical style. It is sure that in this interior the presence of tones Art d eco is very strong . Moreover, it is rare to see a window in a dressing, but it is certain that it greatly enhances the atmosphere of it .

Incredible storage amount

style-art-deco-design-modern dressing

Interior of an apartment in Art Deco style, design Bruno Tarsia

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The interior of the second apartment embraces a wide range of styles around the neoclassical period, decorated with lots of furniture and accessories modern. The sophisticated decorative objects are sometimes awesome and at the same time adding a unique touch to bedroom.

Sophisticated interior, elegant and modern

modern living room sofa cushions deco objects design coffee table black flowers bouquet sofa

The accessories remain simple, but with a strong presence. Their complex shapes are brought to life with shiny materials.
The dining room with large Art Deco style table

dining room design dining table chair tiling floor white false ceiling

The dining room is beautifully appointed with touches of style Art Deco and Neoclassical. The chairs take an interesting approach to the neoclassical tradition , using a cold spiral structure that attracts immediately look .

Modern design furniture inspired by Art Deco

neoclassical style shelves wood tiling design art deco armchair wood table

The modern vases placed on the shelf and on the shelf are a little more faithful to the theme, since the entire neoclassical revolution was strongly inspired by the classical Greek style - they take the classical forms of Greek pottery and balance with a neoclassical sense of symmetry. The vase at the top, for example, could be a pitcher's interpretation ( olpe in Greek), while the vase at the bottom is more an amphora .

Beautiful elegant interior of Neoclassical and Art Deco inspiration

neoclassical style modern interior floor rug design pouf

Neoclassical influences are even clearer here. What fabulous ornaments and moldings! The woodwork is incredibly complex, consisting of several popular neoclassical motifs. At the time, even the most prominent members of society rarely had anything so detailed .

Very detailed fabulous moldings

neoclassical style pouf molding wood design modern interior neoclassical

The reason ove was extremely common in neoclassical architecture. It is seen here on the sides of the woodwork, with stylized acanthus. The doors are also quite impressive .

Every detail in this interior is impressive

modern neoclassical interior sofa cushions tiling light

The soil is spectacular! At the time of neoclassicism, it was common to have ivory inlays. But this particular parquet model is rather modern. The black marble strengthens even more the luxurious side .

Impressive headboard

bedroom idea headboard design cushions

There is a small side "Gatsby the Magnificent" in this bedroom, is not it? Pretty s furs and shiny patterns: it's a dream!

Time travel

bedroom dressing neoclassical style modern bed design headboard

Every detail in this interior teleports us in the 20's ... The hat is particularly fabulous.

Headboard and fabulous wallpaper

art deco interior style bedroom bed neoclassical mirror fixture design

Wonderful jewelry box


This jewelry box is a beautiful decorative detail in this interior. Its edges, shape and materials transport us to neoclassical times. The asymmetrical design is more inspired by the Rococo era. Many neoclassical owners possessed rococo antiques in addition to their contemporary pieces .

Neoclassicism, Art Deco and Rococo

neoclassical style art deco interior bedroom lighting fixture suspension design quilted headboard

Our attention is immediately drawn to the beautiful stool in the dressing.

Elegant and modern dressing room

modern dressing idea wardrobe design shelves storage shoes boxes ideas

The clothes are almost as fascinating that the interior architecture of this apartment. In fact, neoclassical fashion favored white fabrics and the simple forms. These classic dresses are not too far from the dress style of the time .

Two interiors that make you dream ...

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