New modern kitchen "hidden" by Warendorf

new design kitchen Warendorf

The kitchen is probably the heart of the house. But with modern trends in interior design, kitchen design tends to become more and more minimalist. And you have to look at least twice before seeing the news cooked exclusive of Warendorf " hidden "In a 7 meter long wall combination.

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This kitchen, in reality, can be "seen" only when you need it.

New design kitchen by Warendorf

new hidden kitchen closed design

The news cooked opens only when you press a button in the center of the wall combination and discovers an area with storage areas, shelves, hood and built-in lighting. Located around a flexible workspace and hidden behind a surface, are storage furniture and appliances. This original design and kitchen plans with finish that looks like natural rust, also give it a unique look. The "rusty" surface of the kitchen is made using a special mixture of iron particles that was then hand lacquered with a varnish coating. This hidden kitchen is for those who have a very demanding taste. When closed, its unique surface looks like a designer object and creates a relaxed atmosphere. And when it's open, the kitchen offers great functionality and maximum comfort. Look at her:

The designer kitchen is hidden behind a rusty-looking wall

new hidden kitchen Warenhorf

When closed, the kitchen takes the form of a design object

new stylish design kitchen

The kitchen opens with a button

kitchen design hidden rusted surface

Minimalist modern design kitchen

modern hidden design kitchen

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