New Year Makeup: 50 Ideas for the New Year's Eve Party

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For the New Year's Eve party, treat yourself to a glamorous look by choosing one of these 50 New Year make-up ideas in gold and silver! The evening of December 31 is full of positive emotions.

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We turn our backs on the events of the past year to look to the future with all our hopes and dreams. There is something magical about these few hours of waiting. Everything is illuminated, the faces of strangers radiate, everyone wears a chic outfit and chose a elegant hairstyle . We propose you to bet on a brilliant makeup in gold or silver to complete your look for this evening .

Brilliant New Year Make-up in Gold with Bright Lipstick

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We know that sequins and shiny accessories are a must-have for the New Year. This is because dresses and make-up with splinters have not ceased to be the designers' favorites since long years. This is something that you rarely realize because glitter is certainly not meant to be worn every day. But it would be enough to observe the dresses worn by the stars for official parties; then we will understand, very quickly, that this kind of outfit is very appropriate for a magical party, like that of New Year's Eve.

Brilliant New Year makeup for a glamorous look

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The gold and silver makeup is suitable for all skin types and for all eye colors. On light skin, its shine gives the woman a light, reserved and fresh look that reminds us of the images we had of the Snow Queen by reading the tales of children of old. This look is ideal for the New Year, especially because it is part of the theme of winter and cold traditionally associated with the holiday season. On darker skin, this make-up creates very nice contrasts and makes you think of magic nights full of light in winter.

Silver New Year makeup with black eyeliner and mascara

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For its part, the glittery makeup is also a very good complement for a black outfit. If you've decided to go for a chic and simple look with a classic little black dress, choose an accessory that's decorated with glitter. Also opt for makeup eyes in the same nuances as your accessory. To put your eyes even more in value, do not forget to apply a black eyeliner or pencil and mascara.

Tuto makeup New Year or New Year's Eve in golden tones

Regarding New Year or Christmas makeup, who does not want to afford a star look that is as done by a professional? But on the 25th or 31st of December, you have so much to prepare that you can rarely afford to go through a beauty salon. Fortunately, nowadays, there are plenty of options for party makeup without leaving the house. To be convinced, just look at the tutorial at the top!

New Year makeup tutorial by Desi Perkins

new year makeup tutorial

New Year makeup of this type can marry with different lipsticks. If you have already chosen a dress with glitter, then prefer a lipstick with a natural hue. This is precisely the idea that has been adopted in the tutorial Desi Perkins you see an image at the top. You can also match the color of the lipstick with that of your dress, especially if it is red. A third nice option would be to choose a uniform look. In this case, favor a make-up of the eyes and lips in the same tones as those of your dress.

New Year makeup and choice of accessories

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To add some final touches to your look for New Year's Eve, think about the jewelry and coat you'll wear. Be aware that the bright makeup is accompanied by jewelry rather simple but high quality, for example, pearls. The same rule also applies to your coat which must be practical and, above all, warm so that you can go out on a terrace and admire the fireworks at midnight.

New Year Makeup to emphasize his look

Another good makeup strategy of Eve: highlight its look. Use mascara and dark pencil (black, brown ...); combine this effect with a lipstick of pink tones. You will thus sublimate your eyes, while keeping the rest of your makeup for New Year discreet enough!

Silver New Year Money Tutorial

new year makeup money tutorial

Now classic, the smokey eye effect is ideal for creating a hypnotizing look. Try recreating this New Year's makeup tutorial with a dark toned look and metallic touches. Combine with lipstick in light shades, this makeup is to wear with a little black dress or with an outfit dominated by silver glitter.

Makeup for bright eyes for the New Year

evening of the year bright makeup

If you do not want a daring makeup, try combining black eyeliner with a metallic pencil in golden tones. This idea of ​​makeup is ideal for girls with blonde mane and eyes in light tones. Harmonize your discreet makeup in brilliant tones with a nail deco in the same nuances.

How to make up for New Year and refresh his eyes

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This year, you're a little tired and looking for a way to refresh your look? So try our make-up trick with a touch of light color in the inner part of the eye. Great idea for those who have failed to rest before the arrival of January 31!

New Year's Eve Makeup with Gold Foil Effect

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Enhance your look with gold leaf effect makeup. The principle: apply a thin layer of gold on his eyelids, just above a discrete line drawn in black pencil. The result: a brilliant look that goes perfectly with a trendy dress in metallic color!

How to make up for New Year with gold leaves

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To test also, a makeup St Sylvestre with gold leaf arranged asymmetrically on the outer part of one of the eyelids. An original idea that will not fail to associate with a shadow in warm tones, such as dark brown. Gold jewelry is the perfect accessory for this type of party makeup.

Sample makeup for New Year's Eve

how to make up for a new year party

So, have you ever chosen your New Year's party makeup for this year? You will find all our makeup suggestions for the New Year's Eve party below:

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