New York design loft for optimal space use


This loft design in New York called The Manhattan Micro Loft is designed by Specht Harpman to maximize a small living space on several levels.In fact, this house is spread over three levels and also has a roof garden.

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At the top of a six-story building, he had a ceiling quite high over 7m. And as the mission of today's architects is to make living spaces more and more practical, this height inspired the project of this design loft.

The different levels of loft design visible on this architectural level

different levels loft design visible on this architectural stairs

The general design is based on stairs . This is exactly what opens the space and closes it at the same time, serving as partition between the different habitable rooms of the apartment. The design is Japanese-style (the Kaidan-inu system) which translates into a very convenient space usage - the interior of the stairs is not hollow, but serves as storage space that saves large wardrobes and other similar furniture that are often very bulky.

Overview of the minimalist kitchen towards the living room

loft renovated minimalist kitchen towards the small white living room furniture space

At the first level are the kitchen and the bathroom, then we climb a little to the living room and taking the stairs a little higher, we arrive at the bedroom in cantilever. Another Kaidan-dansu staircase leads to the garden on the roof of the building. It is a unique and intelligent loft design that puts every square meter into use - the dream of the architect and the modern consumer.

The bedroom at the second level

loft design The bedroom on the second level bed

The stairs that are the center of the specific design

interior design stairs center of specific design outline element ropes

The bathroom is at the same level as the kitchen

bathroom design loft found on the same level as the kitchen mirrors white

The kitchen is simple but very contemporary

The kitchen is simple but very contemporary micro loft new york

Staircase that looks quite ordinary

Staircase that looks quite ordinary living room first level loft

The secret of the staircase of this micro loft design

new york secret of the stairs of this micro loft design renovated aggrandi

The other staircase leading to the garden

other stairs leading to the garden small loft space use

cutting architectural plans of loft design closeup

bedroom of this loft design new york special minimalist style

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