Noguchi coffee table: an iconic design furniture

furniture design living room coffee table noguchi

The Noguchi coffee table is an iconic piece of modern design furniture, created by the Japanese sculptor Isamu Noguchi and distributed by the Swiss manufacturer Vitra . The table, which was designed in the early 20th century in the United States, was marketed during the 1950s.

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It is today a symbol of the decorative style of this period, called in English "mid-century", that is to say dating from the middle of the 20th century.

Noguchi coffee table: the emblematic model

coffee table noguchi furniture design living room

The furniture itself consists of two identical wooden legs and a solid glass plate. Its shape is influenced by the design and art trends of the period of its creation. His feet were carved from walnut wood and were enough to provide a solid and stable base that could support the heavy glass top. According to American furniture maker Herman Miller, who introduced the model for the first time to the general public in 1947, this table should be viewed as a "sculpture that can be used."

Living room decoration with Noguchi coffee table and wooden chairs

coffee table furniture wood and glass

Despite its status as emblematic furniture world-renowned, the Japanese designer coffee table is accessible at reasonable prices and, more precisely, from 1700 euros. There are also reproductions of the furniture that can be acquired at even more interesting prices. For this reason, this model is suitable for those who wish to purchase a piece of furniture design for the development of their home or to make a gift to a loved one.

Noguchi coffee table: the prism model in black

coffee table isamu noguchi designer furniture

For lovers of design furniture with a more limited budget, there is also the possibility of acquiring another model designed by Isamu Noguchi. This is the original coffee table, called prism, whose amount is about 400-500 euros. You see an example in black on the picture above.

Noguchi coffee table: replica of the classiuqe model in red

furniture vitra coffee table design japan

The classic glass table now exists in several variants, with different shades of wood and or with a base in color. As a result, it is easily adaptable to all interiors: modern, eclectic, Scandinavian, industrial ... To choose the right model Noguchi coffee table, it is necessary to take into account three factors: the size of the room, its color and the decoration style.

Idea decoration of living room with coffee table Noguchi

deco design scandinavian coffee table noguchi

Regarding the size of the space, know that the table Noguchi could be enough for the decoration of a small room: living room , bedroom or office. If, on the other hand, the space is bigger, you would probably need a piece of sofa or another coffee table that would then have to be harmonized with this one. design furniture. It is also important to think about the colors of the room to choose the right base for your table. For example, the classic model with walnut wood legs would fit nicely in a mood to pastel shades . For rooms with darker walls, it would be better to acquire a light wood base or one painted in white.

Decorative example with Noguchi coffee table

coffee table isamu noguchi

Finally, do not forget to think about how you will fit your table to the rest of the decor in the room through the accessories that you will place on the furniture and around it. By considering these three elements, you will easily find the right model for your home or for the interior of a loved one. You can see images of different models of this design furniture and from the prism table by Isamu Noguchi here:

Vitra Table by Noguchi

deco tables vitra noguchi

Vitra table and living room design furniture

coffee table vitra design living room furniture

Japanese designer Vitra table

japanese designer table vitra

Vitra tables by Isamu Noguchi

coffee tables vitra design noguchi

Modern living room table by Isamu Noguchi

modern style living room table noguchi furniture

Noguchi table and interior design

interior decoration noguchi table

Japanese design table by Noguchi and feminine decoration

design furniture japan noguchi

Design furniture: the Noguchi coffee table

modern design furniture coffee table noguchi

Walnut coffee table by Noguchi

walnut table design noguchi

Vitra coffee table by Noguchi: the prism model

furniture vitra coffee table prism

Noguchi coffee table for living room and living room

noguchi table living room deco living room

Noguchi coffee table and interior of modern design

coffee tables noguchi interior modern style

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Japanese style table noguchi

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Japanese designer noguchi coffee table

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Nordic lounge table wood noguchi

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little table end canape noguchi

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