Office furniture by Frankel for a design workplace

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Planning your home workspace with designer office furniture is easier with Frankel , a website specializing in the sale of office furniture online. Today, working from home is a common practice.

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But to be really efficient in the execution of your tasks, you all need good equipment for your workspace.

Multi design office furniture from Frankel's online catalog

office furniture development work area ideas

And that's exactly what Frankel offers us. Frankel is a subsidiary of TAKKT AG, Europe's leading distance selling company for industrial, material handling, storage and office equipment, which is represented by brands in more than 25 countries worldwide. Its French subsidiary now offers you the opportunity to acquire your office furniture with ease without having to go to the store.

Hanna Professional Online Furniture by Frankel

home office decoration design idea frankel

According to professionals at Frankel, the interior design of our workspace does not only aim to enable us to carry out our daily tasks. In addition to this, the choice of furniture affects our professional environment and, hence, our productivity, creativity and well-being.

Nicola Office Furniture by Frankel and Home Workplace Deco Idea

professional offices decoration space work home design frankel

For this reason, Frankel's web page is designed to offer you a wide variety of products adapted to all interior spaces and different working conditions.

Modern Lena Office Furniture by Frankel

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Modern home office decorating idea: buying designer furniture online by Frankel

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To best meet the needs of its customers and offer a high quality service, the site also offers free and fast delivery and a minimum guarantee of 3 years for products purchased online. In addition to the rich collection of furniture (over 35,000 top quality products), there is a wide range of accessories and office supplies.

Basic II, professional and modern office furniture from Frankel's catalog

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Upliner 2.0 modern design desk and cupboard by Frankel

idea of ​​deco home office furniture design

Purchasing supplies and office furniture online is certainly faster, more convenient and more efficient. Not to mention the fact that this allows us to reduce the use of paper and improve our working environment, while contributing to the protection of nature. For all its reasons, the choice of professional office furniture that can be delivered directly to us in a short time is a trend solution that is required.

Designing a Workplace at Home: Quality Furniture by Frankel

office furniture professional website accessories office frankel

Modern Furniture for Home Work Area Design: Corinna by Frankel

office furniture interior design office frankel

Idea of ​​professional and practical office furniture: Fino by Frankel

modern design office table ideas

Aesthetic and natural desktop decoration from the Frankel Base Series

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